Could The Lady but speak -

"High Queen am I and ever-hidden Mother of The Warband.  List well, for thine understanding be dimmed by the cares of mortality, and learn what thou may'st of My Divine Nature.

Born of the mighty sea is the silent river and the shaded mere at river's end.  Yet the waters of each are of the one sea - yea, be the sea.

Even so do i extend My Spirit, that I be manifest to humankind in some small measure, both as The Moon above thee and as The Earth on which thou dost briefly sojourn.  These Two some call My Daughters, for They are indeed of My conceiving, yet are They but as facets of one beauteous gem beyond value ad ever hid from mortal eye.

Ever honour Me As Th'Eternal Spirit of Earth - Lady of Love and Bestower of abundance upon all that liveth.  Lo I Who am the Weaver of Life upward through the earth do ever bring fruitfulness of mind and nurture to the spirit.  Behold with reverence The Maid of Spring in fertile purity and She Who be heavy with fruits of love in Summer - decked in green leaf and many a bloom of radiant hue.  Honour Me in Appletime while I bring forth that My children feel no want.  And in the even may'st thou sleep next the warmth of My Breast 'neath the stars till, in the twilight of life, they shell returns to the depths of My Womb.

Life thine eyes in adoration in the silent hours and behold the Face of She Who, with stars as diadem, doth smile on the path of Her children.  Know Me, therefore, as Queen of Night at which time thou art wont to journey from thine earthly fortress.  Lo then, when sleep draws all near the freedom of death while yet they live, art thou nearer She Who granted thee thy first conception.  Behold the waters of earth are at My bidding, the tides of womankind at My commanding.  And so the ebb and flow of thine emotions perchance may cast ashore a tor of shining pearls in which be mirror'd Mine instruction and by which thou may'st ascend to The Realms of The High Ones where all secrets lie.  Lo these treasures of myst'ry and enchantment are Mine alone to bestow - see thou be ever worthy of so great a blessing.  Let my Youth attend thy beginnings, My Royal Beauty thine adoring, My deep wise Counsel all thine adoring, My deep wise Counsel all thine endings.

Grieve not, then, though My Form entire be hid, for The Divine Lady of thy universe am I.  Beyond the seen and unseen; beyond thine understanding and all thou comprehendest not; beyond all, yet in all - there be My dwelling place.  Yea, though Night's pale lantern be Mine eyes, and My fingertips caress thy brow in Summer's mansions green, 'tis beauty of the mind that wins My smile.  Let thy breast be compassion's resting-place and My breath shall awake thy soul.  Fill thy heart at Love's pure fount of honour and meekly shalt thou hear My whisper.  Aye and when all these dwell kindred in thy being with life's joy full upon thy lip, all to Mine Honour, then shalt thou truly worship Me and only then shall My blest hand grasp thine.

Lo now I charge thee worship Me in treasured word lest profanation stain the Defodau to My displeasure.  And oft times as thou may'st give adoration to My Spirit - ever in secret, alone or 'mid thy kindred, in fullest reverence yet with Life's song ringing in thy heart.

Mark well, that ere all dare approach Mine Altarstone, any ill be driven out the breast that no dark cloud of malice to aught in the broad earth may I see.   Only thus shalt thou be fit to serve, and Bendith Y Mamau - The Blessing of The Mothers to receive.

Remember well My Nature all womankind doth bless.  Though some may house an ember or bear a flick'ring glow or some aloft in triumph hold My Flame, give each her honour as thou indeed would'st reverence Me.  For My chaste Cauldron do they keep, My Myst'ries they do guard, and every birth My Motherhood proclaims.  Let each fresh life remind thee all are born of Me - again amid their kin to dwell a space till unto Me they pass for birth anew.  Such be Kylch Abred and such thy destiny."

Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 1964
    All rights reserved.

1.  Defodau = ceremonies or rites.
2.  Kylch Abred = the circle of Abred or rebirth.