Welsh Pronunciation


                                                                B as in English
C always hard
                                                                D as in English 

DD pronounced as the ‘TH’ in ‘these’
   F pronounc ed as V
 FF pronounced as F
  G always hard
                                                                H as in English 

J seldom found – usually only in words derived from English e.g. ‘jôk’
  meaning ‘joke’.
                                                                                                        K never found in Mod. Welsh
                                                                L as in English 

LL unusual sound – place tongue for saying ‘L’ then say a hard ‘CH’. 

                                                                M as in English
                                                                N as in English 

NG usually as in ‘sing’ but there are exceptions as in ‘Bangor’ – ‘Ban – gor’. 

                                                                P as in English
                                                                                                        Q never found in Welsh
                                                                R as in English 

RH say a hard ‘CH’ with an ‘R’ immediately joined on to it. 

                                                                S as in English
                                                                T as in English
TH always as the ‘TH’ in ‘thing’
                                                                                                         V not found in Welsh
                                                                                                         X not found in Welsh
                                                                                                         Z not found in Welsh


A as in past                      E as in get                      I as in fit                      O as in not

U as in feet or as in the French u or German ü (found in North Wales)

W as in cool

Y same as the U above in monosyllables and in the final syllable (there are a few exceptions)

Y all other places has an obscure sound as in fun


Ae, oe, ai, oi, aw, ew, iw, ow, uw, yw, ia, ie, io, iw, iy, wa, we, wi, wo, wy, wy.

(Black you learn, Blue you already know, Red you disregard.)

"The White Hill"