(a brief appraisal of its obsolescence)


I firmly believe that the dedication of the numerous pagan-minded groups in reawakening The Elder Deities of our biosphere over the last six decades has crystallized in tangible results mirrored in the powerful motivation of the various 'green' movements which are once more recognising the sanctity and Divinity of Mother Earth and Her resources.  The overt reverence for all living creatures as part of that Divinity by organizations such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the many animal rights groups is singular witness.

Should we extend these attitudes outwards to include cosmic conservation then, when the future heralds attempts to colonize areas outwith our solar system, the transplantation of seriously flawed concepts and science's past errors to other biospheres in the Universe (or yoni-verse, as described by Leslene Della -Madre) will be obviated.

Absolute Divinity must be seen to be illimitable - a sphere Whose perimeter is nowhere and Whose depth-point is everywhere!

The coalescence of past, present and future and the spatially expansive concepts experienced beneath the pagan religious panoply and indeed any cosmotheistic panoply could well be the holistic solution in abrogating the planetary parochialism of the newer religions - a parochialism which the early Church appeared to refute, at least on a global level.

Having been freed of these limitations, the human spirit can then proceed in greater dimensionality to the one important task in incarnation - the answering of the call of the fifth instinct within the subliminal gnosis:- evolution and distillation of the monad, the indwelling spirit or spark of Divinity, in order that at-one-ment be achieved at some point on the out-flowing arc of this evolutionary cycle.

Parochialism appeared refuted by Christianity inasmuch as the doctrine of vicarious atonement catered for believers of all nations but, paradoxically, the parochial elitism of the Jews ('God's chosen people') was retained as the new religion was grafted on to the many facets of Israelite worship - the Jewish tribal god JHVH, Jewish prophets and the history and poetry of the Hebrew Scriptures.

To embrace the new religion, therefore, one had to abjure the spiritual roots of his/her nation, accept the fact that he/she was indeed rootless and deliberately re-tune one's entire organism to the heritage of a Middle Eastern nation.  Father Abraham was now the forefather of ALL people - regardless of their ethnic origin!

The early Church, therefore, in appearing to diffuse its embrace, in real terms cast wide its web to draw all converts into the heart of a Zionist maelstrom - a global neoplasm which would ingest all future converts and negate individual and national identities.  Planet Earth was destined to become Planet Zion.

This unique Luciferian pride is confirmed by the work of ancient cartographers who portrayed the Earth as the centre of the Universe with Jerusalem clearly positioned as the central point of Earth.

Did The Christ (i.e. the equilibrating/healing part of Cosmic Force), in granting freedom from sin, freedom from the machinations of the Christian devil (whom the Church invented), freedom from bondage of hell (Satan's sulphurous synagogue) and the chains of death, freedom from original sin (an invented Church doctrine) via baptism or otherwise, actually intend enslavement within an heritage that is alien to all except the Jewish race?


Most ancient religious structures, be they Egyptian, Australasian, Amerindian, Hindu or African, certainly possessed a necessary parochialism evident in an Earth based national identity that manifested in honouring Divinity present in all of Nature's departments BUT all were underpinned at core level by the expansive Cosmic aspect of devotion to The Absolute (the Divine infinitude of Cosmos) through the anthropomorphisms of the First Parents of the people or tribe, or similar telesmic images which are ever Female and Male.

The newer religions, in their myopic preoccupation with totally replacing the religious beliefs of neighbouring nations (world-wide replacement when assessing the Christian exercise), "threw out much bath water" but, in so doing, "threw out all the babes therein".

Nevertheless this is what one would expect from religious systems spewed up by nations which have succeeded in generating a driving force of aggressive proselytising or posturing ('jihad' to subjugate all infidels) derived from the imbalanced unipolarity of patriarchy.  And here Judaism, Christianity and Islam must stand condemned in the eyes of The Absolute, denigrated womanhood and all with a cosmated approach to Divinity - the cosmotheist, ancient or modern.

Should the Church ever accept the Jewish heritage in its totality (if indeed such a heritage is still considered internationally valid), countenancing not only the Old Testament but also the Talmud, the Sepher Yetzira et al., then its muddled doctrines would become disentangled very swiftly.

The Patriarchal blasphemy and perversion of The Holy Spirit (which in Hebrew is the feminine noun 'Ruach') would be at an end.

For the benefit of Christian readers I quote from the Sepher Yetzira:- "Acath (feminine, not the masculine 'achad') Ruach Elohim Chiim" - "One is She (the passive half of the Creative Force), the Spirit of the Elohim of Life." 

Furthermore the word Elohim (which introduces many Jewish prayers) is a composite word.  It is made from the singular feminine word 'Eloha' and the plural masculine ending 'im'.  When juxtaposed as 'Elohim' it clearly denotes bipolarity (male & female) and plurality.  The Eloha root is unclear and similar to the Arabic 'Ilah' (a god) as opposed to 'Allah' (THE god).  Perhaps 'Divinity' or 'Divine One' may be a better translation.

Most people marvel at the miraculous spread of Christianity throughout the world and how this points to its obvious validity as THE religion.  Let us examine the facts of its infiltration of national boundaries - a blatant form of 'cleansing', i.e. total destruction of ethnic spirituality which on many occasions was achieved by murderous means than by benign conversion, e.g. the many crusades, inquisitions and witch hunts.

The Roman Empire stretched from Egypt and the Middle East to Europe and Britain.  (Britain had been incorporated by treaty into the Empire in 120 ad.)  Whatever was considered good for Rome, therefore, was good for the rest of the Empire or known world.

In 324 a.d. the Emperor Constantine decreed Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman Empire, thus more or less overnight the known civilized world became Christian - thanks to the widespread net of previous successful Roman conquest, NOT to the evangelism of the early faithful.  I recommend that one reads HERE perhaps your first and only chance in a lifetime to view the true origins of the fairy tale known as the 'New Testament'.

Thereafter, the temples of the Roman Gods were destroyed or reconsecrated as churches.  The Emperor Justinian even closed the school of philosophy at Athens - a school founded by Plato.  Eventually, because of the drastic home situation, the legions were recalled in a desperate attempts to stem the attacking hordes harassing Rome itself.

As the Empire started to disintegrate, the early Church attempted to institute an alternative to Roman traditions and, as a religious power block, it succeed only too well.  As a reasonably powerful machine it could, by organised councils, effect changes and additions to doctrine and apply controls throughout its entire structure at will.  And with the power of Christianity at its height, the world entered the Dark Ages.

Since the worldwide preoccupation with patriarchal religions, political systems and their aggressive male greed (the ruin of contemporary major economies), we have seen not only the denigration of women's rights, the rise in rape and the physical mutilation of women's sexuality but also feral lawlessness/violence in male youth and the continuum of conquests & wars, ever escalating in dimensionality, until, having experienced two vicious global conflagrations, we stand in the present century poised at an apocalyptic oblivion.  Then perhaps total devastation of a biosphere will effectively supersede the disgusting statistic of the obliteration of 25,000,000 souls in Mother Russia alone during her last major conflict - its Great Patriotic War.

Surely this aberrant sociological climate prevalent on our home world would benefit greatly from the evocation of the Feminine qualities in the human organism and the invocation of the Great Feminine Forces of Cosmic, Lunar and Terrestrial Goddess-forms to effect a realignment of the human mind-set and an essential blessing to humanity and its stewardship of Earth, the Mother of all species.

 Is it not time to:--------------------

break the Patriarchal chains!

What are completely incongruous with the obvious fairy tale of Christianity are the monumental musical works inspired by this spurious phenomenon, e.g.:-

  • the masses and motets of Palestrina, Byrd & Tallis -
  • the oratorios of Händel and the Church cantatas of Bach -
  • the Nelson Mass & Creation of Haydn and the masses of Mozart -
  • Mendelssohn's Elijah and the Requiems of Brahms & Fauré -
  • the vocal church compositions of Elgar, Stanford, Howells, Leighton and Messiaen.
Here I have merely skated over a few names in the various eras, from Renaissance to Twentieth Century periods of composition.

One wonders how composers would have contributed to the realms of Pagan Spirituality without the patronage of the Church, the fine pipe organs and the captive audiences of Christian congregations.  Perhaps such music would have remained within the 'folk' idiom as is the case in Hiduism.  We will never know.

The Hindu Bajan which is strophic in style and a type of folk melody can nevertheless raise the spirits of the performers and listeners alike by its rhythmic vitality - an example of ritual sonnation performed by the group rather than the individual.  Many of the texts are from the Vedas (Divine Scriptures) and relate to the characteristics of various Avatars who incarnate to establish righteousness.

Unlike Western music, that of India concentrates far more on melody and rhythm than on the harmonic structure.  This imparts a freedom of execution to the singer that may be matched only by the art of progressive jazz musicians of the 20th century. 

One main reason why the stringency of harmonic rules is absent is the complexity of a species of music which possesses not the semitone as its smallest unit, but the quarter tone.  Again one may see in this feature of the music a certain similarity to the subtle inflections of the blues singer which frequently depart from familiar diatonicism.

All music to the polytheistic Hindu is 'Divine-centred', whether it be the music of the Temple, Classical Raga or folk songs suited to an agrarian festival, e.g. "Dum Dum Dum Damaru Baje" (hymn to Shiva) or "Govinda Krishna Jai" (In praise of Krishna).  Each is closely woven on the protylic and phenomenal drawloom whence issues cosmic manifestation and where Divinity, the ever unseen, bipolar Noumena are free-ranging in Their eternal, incomprehensible purpose, uniquely blessing each shuttle-pass.

(the above from "Portal of The Keltic Gods" © 1991 - Excalibur Press,London)

A scholarly and comprehensive account of the detrimental effects of patriarchy is by Roderick W. Marling and may be found under "History" at and is strongly recommended as essential reading.