1. Let the blind reach for his food and, in the touching, he will know where it lieth.

  2. Let him taste thereof and discern if the meal be good.

  3. Let him with sight behold the condition of the meat ere it be consumed.

  4. Yet both are equal when the savour reacheth the nostrils.

  5. Yea, let both be summoned to the great hall and to its table by the  herald, sight or no.

  6. May all remember to dwell together for comfort and in safety with thy kindred be a

  7. And if with the wife of thy bosom, then the better for it.   But ne'er forget the punishment
     of Gwydyon and Gilfaethwy.

  8. Thus none need flee when the enemy approacheth, but stand with the might of Th
      Warband within his breast.

  9. Forget thou not thy mind records each act in all thy ways and all thine imaginings.   Yet
     so too does the ear of Math ap Mathonwy.

10. Be ye sure thy spirit fires the mind at all times.

11. Seek thou contentment in  life.   This be the first admonition.

12. And the waters of compassion shall aid thee in this quest.

13. Yet anger, if righteous, may not be denied and the hosting of The Warband is ever just.

14. Go to thy labour with a will and sincerity that thou prosper well.

15. Thus shalt thou receive joy from Kaer Fandwy in due season.

16. Ever keep thy feet upon the Cantrydd of thy birth.

17. And be a willing porter at the castle gate if thou be called.

18. Keep thy determination strong as the burning beacon light.

19. So shall thy wisdom be renowned in the land.

20. Yet forget not whence proceedeth the skill of the bard.

21. Perchance thou wearest the strong garments of Kaer Aranrot.

22. Or in Kaer Wydyr thy raiment was fashioned at finer looms.

23. Or the brightness of Kaer Gwydyon is seen within the colours of thy cloak.

24. Or yet thy tunic of gossamer flew from the weavers of Kaer Colur.

25. Yet be thou ever mindful of the unseen Spinner of Kaer Fandwy whence all proceed.

26. Beyond these Kaerau lies Kaer Fedwid, and, still further, Kaer Rigor - both beyond thy
      sight.   And the greater of these be the Royal Castle which girds
  all round - an endless
      Kaer of mystery.

copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1974
All rights reserved           

(this is not a self portrait - honest!)