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"Yw gwraig y ty drysor y gorffennol,
gwarcheidwad y presennol a mam y dyfodol."

(Woman is the Treasurehouse of the Past,
Guardian of the Present
and Mother of the Future)

Siân Pengwerin....

Humanity is the only creature which defecates in its own nest
while nonchalantly plucking at the fabric thereof
until  disintegration heralds its own perdition.
                                            Gareth Pengwerin..

ay I be the handmaiden of Creators.
here there is darkness,
May I shine in the night;
here there is the dark night of the soul,
May I lift the spirit;
here there is hate,
May I find love there
nd where there is hurt
May I heal in waves of tenderness.

 May I live up to the name given me;
ay I comfort where there is loss;
trengthen where there is weakness
nd may we all be given peace
nd a place called home.

                                                                     Imani - Dec. 2011              
                                                                                           Cherokee Nation                                     

Great site!
Rev Dr Theresa Koch 22-07-11
I wanted you to know I was really here, and being "Southern" to the bone, i would say Thank You for all this incredible work...  I have been wandering, each page I seem to follow the energy to somewhere else...Goddess this is so cool!..  I have to slow down....and learn to savor the energy within here....   Have a Great Day Sir, or I think evening there...  I am timeless these days, so I never know what time is where...
maryrose 09-08-11
There Is a wealth of information here.I love the design and layout and esp the background music to listen to while reading. This site reminds of the wonderful books I have read on celtic magic it is very inspiring. The video "Going home" was really great. Many thanks. Love & Peace.
Aquastarbeam 09-09-11
"To us there is no such thing as magic & the supernatural, i.e. things greater or above Nature."  THIS is what I have been looking for! THIS is exactly how I have seen things for years ~ and sounded crazy to my friends. I have always maintained what we call supernatural is perfectly natural, we have just distanced ourselves from it. Please sir! May I have more?  Thank you for the invitation. I'll be spending many hours on this site!
Glenna Thompson 23-09-11

Hiya Gareth, thank you for inviting me to browse your site, I look forward to many nights searching through your extensive contribution to history and spirituality alike.
Laura 30-09-11

A Brilliant work from a shining star.  I can see heart and soul went into each thought and word . I thank you!
 Imani 28-10-11
hi gareth :) BB and MM
brilliant website
very interesting i will be popping in again very soon
Marco Scalas 08-11-11
You were the first person to welcome me when I joined Temple Illuminatus, and I am very glad that you did because now I have been introduced to this lovely work of yours as well.  I look forward to exploring its pages and learning much from them. Thank you for your warm words of introduction and for creating this "virtual textbook."
Joe Bonhage 14-12-11

I came, I read, I conquered my ignorance.  Here's hoping you are well. I am enjoying your erudite writing. One of your booklist was in my collection some years ago, before my Library was stolen. So, I've been put in the position of having to replace the books which are now important to me.
Andrea Bascelli 22-06-12
Your 'Taxonomy,' or Comparative mythology, as you will, is nothing short of brilliant. I must read it again, as I am so tired physically, that I can barely keep my eyes open, yet my mind is in joyful awe. I just have to write this short note to you.
Sanskrit is the "mother language" of Earth. So I've read, and heard in lecture. It is interesting to study the patterns of languages, and how the most minute sounds, monemes, are carried throughout all cultures along with phonemes, the combinations of sounds. Also the patterns of trade need to be considered, as the influx of trade goods into different cultures can lead to confusion. I think I lost my point? Perhaps I'll pick up the thread of it tomorrow. There was something I wanted to say...?
Well, Good Night, Sweet Prince. Blessings of the Mother's surround and enfold you.
Andrea Bascelli 25-06-12
Greetings, Gareth! How are you this glorious day? It's not so quiet here. I cranked up the radio for NPR's classical music and the dreadful news.  What do you think of the near 'discovery' of the 'not quite' Higg's Boson-type 'particle'?  They say it's action is a binding together of particles, at the "Big Bang" event.
Otherwise, all the multi-billions of particles would have simply dispersed, individually.  Ipso facto, no galaxies, quarks or solar systems.  A Manifestrix - She who glues the Multiverses Together!?  Yea, Creatrix, wherefore art thou?   The only thing is, the Established "religions" are going to jump on this as PROOF that they are right.

Andrea Bascelli  05/07/12
[I agree, Andrea - if anything it is a Goddess, not a God particle (Gareth)]
.. ...
I am beyond words, staring at this phone trying to impart the gratitude I feel. You were the first person to welcome me to, and were quite eloquent there, I confess I did not immediately reply believing at the late hour I couldn't do you justice. After perusing just the beginnings of your site, however, including your responses to those frequently asked and apparently annoying questions, I find myself humbled. I doubt, dear sir, that I could ever do your eloquence justice. Nonetheless I find that no matter how lacking I must thank you for this wondrous tome of knowledge and impart the sincere hope that I might come to know you better. It is rare these days to come across someone who truly is a wordsmith, and I find myself drawn like moth to the flame.

Richard Styler 16-07-12
Dear Richard,

I have read your kind words and wonder many times, “Do I really merit such accolades”?   There is not one thing about which you should feel humbled as, you can see from the guest book, there are very few indeed who can build an eloquent appraisal such as you have given me.  It is heartening to read comments of this nature which make the work I have given to the site worthwhile.
My attempt to provide something for everyone includes passages of blank verse of a metaphysical nature which may trigger some response in a Keltic mind.  Much is philosophic in an endeavour to open unusual byways which can fluctuate twixt mythology and quantum parlance.  The texts of the many festivals and ceremonies are given to encourage those on similar paths to develop analogous offerings to the Cosmic Forces enshrined in the High Deities of Keltdom.  As I have said before, the interaction of the human with These anthropomorphisms should be for us “what may I give” not “what can I get”.
This website, then, is a culmination of giving and ends with the glorious vision of the Great Cosmic Mother provided by the Hubble technology and backed by a Mahler symphony.  This is where I hope the tears flow from the observer.
Although this old teacher/lecturer tries his best, it is you the reader alone who can say if I have achieved anything whatsoever.   Alas, many come, stay, perhaps take an idea or two but seldom announce their presence.  Perhaps such are agents of the FBI or CIA who are wont to say “We were never here”!  lol
You are the fourth person in latter years to have referred to me as a ‘wordsmith’.
Certain concepts arise in my mind with words that are extruded from my consciousness by higher inspiration, yet made malleable by the hand of the writer to flow forth on an earthly plane, even as an humble craftsman fashions the metals of earth for the desire of his peers.  In the amalgam of this observable yet unseen craft, the elements, which are subtended by Spirit, fill the median void and energise the process by the airy freshness of individual thought, the fire of emotion and the watery realms where the compulsion of human instincts hold sway, even as the forge fire is energised by air to produce a crafted work tempered by having it plunged into the caress of water.

So there you have some hitherto unuttered thoughts which bring me back full circle to your lovely message which encouraged the morphogenesis of this response.  And for that, I owe you many many thanks indeed.


If you don't mind I'd like to read this site. Amazing! I'm Appalachian (WV), have as is common in the USA very mixed ancestry but mostly British Isles plus the Natives of Appalachia (Shawnee & Cherokee). As a result my paganism inclines toward Celtic, Native (though mostly from Mesoamerica rather than Appalachia) as well as Hindu.

By analogy... oh this is going to be very interesting.

I am now thinking about the hermetic view of as above so below, as without so within, in terms of the relationship with the land. I hope to be of some use to other pagans in this regard, if only to be able to identify sacred places in the vicinity (northern WV), increase the interaction with local plants.

Appalachia is interesting in having all the same trees as where you are...hawthorne, oak, elder, ash, roane, etc., and people of mostly British Isles ancestry. There is a connection, but also this is Native land, and I find myself uniquely positioned to do this.

You've created quite a magnificent resource here.

Michael Montvert 30-09-12
                        ..                       ..
As you can see I am a fellow Brythonic Kelt, and interested in mythology and culture. More specifically I am interested in Welsh mythology and traditional culture, and hope some day to do archaeological or ethnographic research in Wales. Thank you for creating this wonderful storehouse of information and Bendyth Y Mamau!
.Sophie Jones 31-10-12
Here is one message I received on Pagan Space:-
"Just wanted to run this by you with you're expertise on the subject as I have been looking and if you will, praying for my pagan name for quite some time now. Although in America it will probably be a mispronounced and misunderstood name, I believe I have found Don to be the most fitting name as I can identify with her more than others. I don't know weather to add anything to it such as: sunsong Don or. Vise versa but would greatly appreciate your wisdom and input on this. Blessed Be!"

Well here's blatant gall from a "Blessed Be"/"Merry Meet"/Wiccan/Witchy Poo!!

And here is my answer:-

"Firstly, all devotees of the Pantheon of Dôn & Beleu are found only in the Keltic lands of the United Kingdom - Cymru, Gogledd Cymru and Hen Ogledd Cymru (Wales, North Wales and the Old North).

The cardinal feature of Y Plant Dôn is that it is a hereditary family system similar to Y Plant Bran and entry into a family is not that easy - one has to be adopted into Y Plant.  Furthermore there is no branch of our family outwith the UK.  It has no validity in foreign lands.  So I hope you are not trying a convoluted way of saying to others, "I am of Y Plant Dôn".   That, you must understand, will never happen,  Read my website, pages A00 & A01, which pages will make everything as clear as the 'roebuck in the thicket'.

Secondly all the Deities of the pantheon are held in the zenith of honour and reverence, so no one would ever consider stealing a Deity's name, making it part of one's own.  We do have names in The Family which are different from our incarnational identity but these are in the nature of descriptors, e.g. Cyfarwydd fab Morwen (Story-teller son of Morwen).

What is always of great importance is the land on which one is domiciled - it grants you a living - house, family, job/profession and food and air - the very smell and feel of the earth.  You see, it's no good trying to be a druid, out to cut mistletoe from a grove of oak trees when you are surrounded by a pine forest or giant redwoods!  The Deities of your land of America are waiting to awaken from slumber and it's your task to wake Them up.
You are probably looking at things from a Wiccan perspective but members of families like ours have never called themselves 'witches' and we never will for that was an insulting descriptor given to innocent 'pagan' folk by the Anglo-Saxon invaders of our country before they burned the poor wretches alive.  Read page A02 link to 'Suppression'.

Have you ever thought of discussing these points with an ethnic American (Redman)?  I'm sure they will come up with relative indigenous wisdom.".         ..

I appreciate the manner of your writing. It reminds me of the style from the late 1800's with the full use of grammar lending concept and character to each cogent thought. That is something that was beat out of me in all of the environments where I have to ply writing for a living, communicating to an ever dimming consciousness in my culture.  I personally liked the analogy of the gods and the people being intertwined given their geography. My experiences concur with that type of supernatural fabric.
Bill H. 19-01-13
.. ..
I took the liberty to check out the Y Plant Don website. It is I believe one of the best resources in " Keltic metaphysics" I have seen and the information and knowledge that you have shared is a treasure. You have given the world a great contribution . Once again thank you and may the Blessings of the Gods be with you always.
Coetir 05-04-13

Dr. Gareth,

Thank you for your invitation! I can tell you spent lots of time on the website, and it's a great resource!..

Emily 20-09-13

I have dabbled in Kemetic Recon, Neo-Wiccan, Theistic Satanism, and Asatru and I decided that I'd rather create my own path to suit my own needs. 

December 2013

(And no doubt you will end up a naked broad with a Horus collar, a snake skin garter, the tattoo of an inverted pentagram between the breasts and swinging a hammer of Thor................ Cool, Yea!!  Gareth)

I Have saved your website in bookmarks. Your messages are sent with great care in presentation. Intelligence with a flamboyant streak!
Joanne South Africa 16-12-13

Thank you my friend for a beautiful  and  moving comment! It is great to have you back as you are a gifted man and your wisdom taught many of us to grow! Thank you from my heart.
I-L U.S.A. 31-12-13

The information contained on your site is priceless! I keep reading and learning as long as my battery lasts...I am most grateful to you for inviting me to this site!
Cher C. U.S.A. 05-01-14

Hello Gareth, I arrived there ... My researching takes me to exactly where I need to be it seems. It was a good read, I'll be returning to The Mysteries often. Earlier today I was on the home page of your fascinating website, pleased to read your enlightening definition of practical metaphysicsand and even though I have not yet taken the key to 'let myself in' to Kaer Dathyl just yet, rest assured that your encouragement is reassuring and I'll let my self in to explore further in good time. Gareth, I must thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us all.
Kindest regards, Xain t14_08-15

Thank you for the wonderful welcome. I am excited to read about your research and writings . BB

Leona 31-08-15

Wow...hypnotherapy!   I'm glad you're here, I will enjoy reading your site.
Nova Surya 28th Sept 2015

I've been cobbling my own philosophy together for years now. Taking what works for me from whatever sources I happen to come across.  (Needless to say this man was not welcomed.)
Sept. 2015

I am interested in the find of a small engraved stone found recently called the Emperor's Map. A very small note was made at the end of the issue via the NLS Scottish Maps Forum issue 28, Jan 20, 16. Your work is fascinating, Gododdin is never far away, nor Arthur.  I am sure feedback would be welcome. Dr Fiona Mulgrew is at present publishing some information about this very soon. The wait for her findings are a real anticipation for me. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hazel M. March 2016

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