Bydysawd Bach

Before Llidiart Y Dreigiau*
Repose the chariots
Of Beleu Mawr.
The mighty Lord,
  On traversing
Azure heights
O’er hallowed peak,+
Doth rest within
His boundless realm
Where consciousness
In full totality doth fire
The Blessed Kingdom.
Here essences entire
 And consciousness unite
In wond’rous swift cohesion.

From realm to realm
e'en to perpetuity,
The kaleidoscopic cloak
Of Fam Fawr y Cwbl**
Revealeth forms
Of star and biosphere
And every unique
Denizen thereof,
Whether seen
 Or imperceptible
E'en yet constrained by
Lone dimensionality.

Kaer Colur’s soaring
Sparkling crenellations
Define the lofty realms
Of disposition
Where subtly blend
Twin wells of memories
Wrapped parallel
By conscious and
Unconscious planes
That coalesce in one.
The Lunar Empress’
Silver gleam doth
Light the inner path to
Certain maturation.

Within Kaer Gwydyon
A forge-fire burns
Wherein is fashioned
Many a blade
rais'd high
For good or poised for ill ~
A treasure-house
Whence exits
In his hideous mien
Or else fair Sandde
Of angelic air.
Choose wisely who will be
Thy close companion.

A ferryman awaits to guide
  Each traveller
From reeded margin
 Of Kaer Wydyr's flood.
Though one alone
May venture forth
In vessel frail
And brave the floodtide,
His silent promptings
Grant thee aptitude
To choose the oceanic vigour
Which fulfils
Each duty separate.

Before Kaer Aranrot Stands
An armèd sentinel
In fairest green caparisoned.
Through gate and bridge
And onward to thy quest
His strength shall
Hold thee fast 'gainst all
That doth molest
In every trial
And danger dire
Unto the consummation
 Of thy being.

* The Dragons' Gate

+ Eryri (Snowdon)
** Great  Mother of All
The various 'Kaerau' (castles) as seen in The Taxonomy.

Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 2011.
All rights reserved..