The St. Salvador's Festival

The church of St. Salvador, Dundee, designed by G.E. Bodley, one of the leading architects of his day, was dedicated in 1868.  The passing of time had taken a heavy toll of the fabric; 10,000 had been spent in previous years and a further 10,000 was needed to restore the church to its former glory.

The rector of St. Savador's, the Rev. Clifford Jones, was the Festival Administrator, myself as Musical Director and the Dundee Floral Art Club in charge of the floral decorations.   Although these festivals were the norm in England, this festival in June 1967 was the first of its kind in Scotland.

The 5-day programme was as follows:-

Wednesday 14th June 1967

Choral Eucharist
Combined choirs of
Clepington Parish Church and
Ward Chapel
Setting : Eyre in E flat
Anthem: King of Glory by J.S. Bach

Thursday 15th June 1967

Canti Sacri

Friday 16th June 1967

Choral & Orchestral Concert

The Festival Chorus
Festival Orchestra
led by Magdalen Napier
conducted by MelvilleYoung

Saturday 17th June 1967

Chamber Music Recital

Sunday 18th June 1967

Organ Recital

by Melville Young

Sunday 18th June 1967

Festival Evensong
Combined choirs of
Clepington Parish Church and
                           Ward Chapel

Setting of Canticles and
 Te Deum: Stanford in B flat

Anthem: The 'Bell' Anthem by


Festival Chorus


M. Adams, M. Anderson, E. Davidson, D. Dow, M. Duncan, M. Finlayson, N. Jack, A. Knight, E. Macaskill, M. Smith, M. Webster, J. Wilkes.


A. Adams, A. Burch, J. Davidson, M. Duncan, E. Fenwick, A. Fraser, N. Guild, M. Hajbovicz, E. McFarlane, M. Prain, I. Winton.


G. Adams, S. Bannerman, W. Lindsay, E. Scott, D. Smith, R. Whitehouse.


G. Angus, W. Bell, J. Campbell, D. Davidson, W. Dewar, J. Grieve, I. Mortimer, C. Sinclair.

I believe that the strenuous efforts by all who provided input to The Festival,
both before the public and behind the scenes in fund raising,
cleared the 10,000 required to top the restoration fund.