A  Visual Panegyric Of My Lady

Faye and Mel in a previous incarnation - 1883 perhaps?
Mel in his uniform of the South Wales Borderers?
Actually the year was 1983 but taken in a time-warp at Corby.

Faye about to attend a friend's wedding in 1973.

A similar photo from 1973 -  would that I had met Faye then.
It would have prevented a poisonous decade erupting in my life!


      Faye up to date at home



Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

A dozen red roses for my lady's delight on this our pearl anniversary.

"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"


"Oh saw you not my lady
Out in the garden there?
 Shaming the rose and lily
For she is twice as fair."

   So now you have met my wife, my love,
my best friend & carer
(as I am a double amputee)
whom, after over 30 years together,

I love most dearly.