Melville Gordon Blyth Young


Dr. Young, as he is known professionally, is Mel to colleagues, friends and relatives, the latter category knowing little of his career, accomplishments and interests as he is simply "Faye's man"!  This appraisal, if ever read by such relatives should rectify this generic travesty and endemic proclivity which blights his actuality - a persona with bifurcated roots in the Morgan and Horne lineages effecting unification of two Keltic streams, Brythonic and Goidelic.

His formal education was acquired at The High School of Dundee, a private Alma Mater whose history predates Eton College by 201 years, Fettes College in Edinburgh by 631 years and is but 30 years younger than the University of Cambridge.  One of the seven oldest schools in Scotland, it was founded by the Abbot and monks of Lindores Abbey as a Latin Grammar School, attended by the Scottish patriot Sir William Wallace.

Education here is from the age of 4½ to 18, establishing an exclusive ethos in each pupil. 

The motto above the school arms is "Prestante Domino ("With God As Our Guide"  But we were never told to which god the nottto referred.)

By the age of 17 Mel was Pipe Major of The High School of Dundee CCF pipe band in addition to having functioned as accompanist to the various choirs at seasonal church services and represented House of Airlie in track events.

High School of Dundee
He is always extremely proud of the high standard of education at this establishment which moulded him as a Classical scholar, existing thence with Highers in English, Attic Greek, Latin and French with the necessary iniquities of Mathematics and Arithmetic as he is wont to describe these twin caudae

During the early period, i.e. from the age of 7 to 13 he was trained as a chorister at St. Paul's Cathedral, Dundee where he studied organ, becoming an assistant organist by the age of 12 and obtaining his first post one year later as Organist & Choirmaster at a city centre church - Dundee Methodist Church.

Dundee Methodist Church

Similar posts as Director of Music followed over the decades at the larger parish churches, e.g. St. Margaret's Episcopal, Bonnethill Parish, Ward Chapel, Clepington Parish, Gilfillan Memorial, Maryfield Parish, St. James' and St. Mary's Episcopal, Broughty Ferry. 

Ward Chapel Congregational Church

Clepington Parish Church


Gilfillan Memorial Church

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

The zenith of his career came as Master of The Music at Perth Cathedral in 1981.

St. Ninian's Cathedral Perth

His annus mirabilis, as he is inclined to term it, was 1967 when, as Musical Director of the five-day St. Salvador's Festival of Music and Floral Art (the first festival of its kind in Scotland) he accompanied the inaugural Mass & concluding Festival Evensong, contributed the pianoforte input to the lieder recital, gave the Sunday afternoon organ recital and conducted the choral and orchestral concert - this in addition to the months' rehearsal following the assembling of both festival chorus and full orchestra.

Lieder Recital at St. Salvador's

His second 'first' for Scotland came in 1986 when he conducted the composite 'Recital of Music in Worship' with the full choir of St. Mary's Broughty Ferry and the singers and musicians of the Dundee Hindu Temple - an authentic inter-faith dialogue in music which was introduced by the Bishop of Brechin in fluent Hindi!  The proceeds of the recital enabled the village of Mandalapadu in Andhra Pradesh, India that had been devastated by fire prior to the deleterious effects of the monsoon, to rebuild.

A graduate of Trinity College of Music London, Mel was Head of Music for 18 years at Linlathen High School, Dundee, lecturing weekly to final year music students in methodology at Dundee College of Education, conducting the St. Cecilia Symphony Orchestra and his own choral society the Chandos Choir which he founded in 1967 to provide additional annual performances of oratorios and secular concerts in the Dundee arts' calendar.  He is also a founder member of Tayside Opera, Dundee's Grand Opera Company inaugurated in 1966, with which company he sang lead tenor in a number of productions in the early years.

Linlathen High School Dundee College of Education
As a composer of organ and choral works, he obtained his M.Mus. in composition in 2011.  In 2014 he was awarded Fellowship of the Academy of Saint Cecilia which promotes and researches music of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods.  Mel appears in 'A Dictionary of Composers for Organ' by Dr. John Henderson, honorary librarian and archivist to the Royal School of Church Music, and retains membership of the Association of British Choral Directors. 

Two of his organ works were commissioned by the international recitalist Michael Bonaventure Tomassi and given their first performance at the Edinburgh Festival of 2002.  His choral works are featured regularly in various churches of both Anglican and Roman Catholic faiths.  His instruments are pipe organ, pianoforte, synthesizers, timpani, clarinet, alto & tenor saxophones and blockflöten.  A number of his research papers appear on, the website where academics freely ventilate contemporary areas of research.

Addendum (the early years)

In his early professional life, i.e. in the two post-school decades, he qualified as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (training at Royal Dundee Liff Hospital) and as a Registered General Nurse (achieving Nurse of the Year in 1960 at Stracathro Hospital, Brechin) before returning to the 'Royal Dundee' as Recreational Officer. 

Royal Dundee Liff Hospital

Stracathro Hospital from the air

In this respect he mirrored the career of his mother who was Night Superintendent at Strathmartine Hospital, Dundee.  As music was always an integral feature of his life, he was Director of Music at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Brechin (1959/60) in his spare time and voluntary Concert Director and Chapel Organist at Stracathro Hospital when these occasions demanded.  Indeed the two decades from 1954 seem to have exhibited music as the encapsulator of his werkeday functionality.

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Brechin

Later as manager of the Dundee Senior Training Centre and foundationary manager of Dudhope Gardens Industrial Training Centre for the disabled for 11 years, he became an Associate Member of the Institute of Personnel Management and in 1970 was awarded Fellowship of the Institute of Therapeutic Industries for his sterling work and innovative approaches to that industry in Scotland.  His teach-ins to social work and nursing students, lectures to various Societies for the Handicapped and Disabled even included one instructional day given to the Director of Social Work of Sydney, Australia!

(In the four year hiatus between the above major management position and teacher training at the Dundee College of Education, he functioned as an Associate of Hambro's Merchant Bank Group, in merchandising management with House of Fraser and in finance and insurance management with a local dealership of Ford Motor Company.  Ongoing training was assimilated during this period at Hambro's Merchant Bank, London, Harrod's Management Training Centre, London and Ford Marketing Institute, Brentwood.)

Now a wheelchair-bound arthritic double amputee with a complex health scenario, he still exhibits periods of prolificacy amid a continuous welter of research, website maintenance and professional activity with his wife Faye as pro bono consultant Metaphysicians. 

His Ph.D. is in comparative religion and his second doctorate, that of Metaphysics, was awarded by the College of Divine Metaphysics, Glendora, California which also conferred Fellowship of the college but all this is in relation to another side of his life:- in depth researcher into the Kymraec Mabinogi & other Medieval Welsh literary works and on-line tutoring in Metaphysics. These degrees he assiduously obtained by distance tutoring from 1980 to the early 90s.

The College of Divine Metaphysics
Glendora California

Indeed his two doctoral theses, produced 'end-on' and in addition to his heavy diurnal professional duties, engendered the need for a triple coronary arterial by-pass in January 1992!  He never ever forgets his wife Faye's daily journeys for five weeks from Dundee to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and back to visit him as he lay critically ill following three inter thoracic operations within the first 10 days since admission.  As he is wont to say: "That's dedication for you!" 

Mel has another massive website which is devoted to the examination of the personages in Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi and, although there is some relevant connection with quantum physics and in pertinent Sanskrit concatenations, it may be broadly classified as being in the 'New Age Mysteries' genre - especially that stream devoted to the pantheons of the Brythonic Kelt.  Be all that as it may, this academic ontogeny has no place in his mundane professional timeline herein ventilated.

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