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             .The Keltic Mysteries

      .Y Plant Dn

                (The Children of Dn)

Were I a biologist I should not hesitate in using the expression 'morphogenesis' (the beginning of a shape or structure).  So I freely adopt this term primarily, as at the heart of metaphysics.are ever-living cosmic forces, protyles or indeed Deities and, moreover, because this website has developed in shape as would any organism.  What, therefore, was the morphogenesis of this complex presentation and indeed what was my link with Edinburgh, the city in which I found myself domiciled some sixteen years ago in my retirement?

Unlike the Church of today which endeavours to mutate the spoken word into a trendy modern idiom to halt the haemorrhage of the unfaithful, we retain a more archaic genre of text which ensures retention of a character standing apart from the mundane and, therefore, occupying a unique sanctum within the mind and for this, among many other facets of the exposition, we make no apology whatsoever.  Our thanks go to the few contributors who provide tangential reinforcement of certain aspects and who are
stout allies.
 Happy reading,
Gareth Pengwerin
      Sian Pengwerin