Cipolwg o'r Gwlad o
Gwynfa Gorawen

(Glimpses of Gwynfyd)


Sentinels in stone stand we

Securing gargantuan gates -

Impenetrable structures adamantine

Of terrifying dimensionality

That blight

With vertigo extreme

Th'unwary wand'rer

By symmetry bizarre,

A veritable feast

Of hyperbolic façades.

Sculpted by hand transcendent

Of the tireless Warden

To an Interminable Web -

Twin reptilian triads,

As if in sleep profound

Yet ever vigilant in realms

Of measures imperceptible.

Speak the word

In argot long-forgotten -

"Sefyll neill-du-edig!"

Echoing command that

Swift compliance fires

To stir the stony beasts

From deep repose.

And with y Llidiardau +

Widely thrown,


 (If indeed thou durst)

The rolling lawns

Of Gwynfyd -

A Realm where
Speech is still’d

Yet dialogues

Both fresh, fleet

And truly instantaneous,

Ever remain

Perpetual convention.

Thy consciousness endures

As shimmering aurum -

A miniscule sparkle

Of awareness everlasting,

Borne forth in quadriga*

Of Royal Beleu

To verge of perpetuity.

There skies of deepest purple

(Strange yet bright) illuminate

In pellucid shimm'ring glow

This mystic realm

Of splendour immeasurable -

A Multiverse incomprehensible.1

Each path and highway

Bears thee up,

Withdrawing heaviness

And morbid care

From off thy frame;

Infinite serenity and love

Of The Mother's gentle clasp -

Thy muted mantle

Of faintest gossamer,

Surrounds thee

In thy wand'rings.

Overawed by vistas


Lo hast thou found

Gwynfa Gorawen,++

Divinest Dwelling-place

That ever was thine own.

1 The Copenhagen Interpretation

the Latin quadriga = a chariot pulled by four horses

(the Latin seiuga = a chariot pulled by six horses)

+ Llidiardau = gates

++ The Paradise of Rapture


Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin May 2012
All rights reserved