Why is there a need for British religion in the United Kingdom -
indeed why
religion at all?  Even to the atheist, who may consider the Creative Forces simply as energies, these Forces have performed one amazing miracle in the production of the cosmos.

For that reason alone we should remember all aspects of Nature as they affect our lives and be thankful for our brief span of humanity with all we are privileged to experience.          These spans of incarnate experience and the flowers of a day are the lesser miracles, the awesome galaxies and mighty quasars are the greater.   Yet beyond all these.........!

Less than two decades into the present century we are too aware of the rape of our home world, the depleted health of our Mother and the prostitution of Her resources.   A radical  change must appear in the attitude of humankind to steer it from unbalanced materialism and a vampiric approach which is detrimental to the earthly forms of humanity, wild life, seas     and vegetation.

Much good has been done by the many organisations who constantly battle for conservation - they are to be applauded.   Nevertheless it falls to the individual to foster reverence for his habitat and to be seen to work in co-operation with earth, Her   energies and potentials in his daily life.   What better place to sow the seeds of these endeavours than in his mind and soul that they be externalised in his interaction with his environment.

Much apathy seems to stem from the centuries of indoctrination which encouraged humanity to disregard its quality of life upon earth, as earthly suffering was good for the   soul and assisted one in identifying with the suffering of the Nazarene.   Yea, a far better existence awaited the believer at the bosom of Jesus or Abraham in the heaven beyond.

Such was the gift of Constantine who was crowned king of the Britons at York in 306 e.v. but who relinquished rulership of Britain to become Roman Emperor Constantinus 1 and who subsequently floated out this neo-religious monstrosity, with its blatant patriarchy and occulted cannibalism (via the First Council of Nicaea in 325 e.v. and ably abetted by Constantinus V1 at the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 e.v.) on the waves of a moribund Roman Empire to replace the widespread Roman military power-base of the known world of the time.

No wonder humanity has had little regard for earth's fertility, vital resources, wild life and the ozone layer, until the cold light of reality regarding planetary disaster with its intrinsic factor of global climate changes smote each inhabitant full in the face!

Religious observances are the seeds of future endeavour - observances that have their roots in our small garden which is Britain, not in a Middle Eastern wilderness, an Arabian desert or Polynesian paradise.

With such a system of worship we keep our feet firmly set upon our parochial acreage (The Earth Mother Who gives us life and a living), with face to the life-giving luminary of our system, yet with eyes to see the infinitude of life that is greater than these and with minds to appreciate that beyond all there is the Incomprehensible - the Beginning and the Ending.

Indeed, should mankind ever 'migrate to the stars' in its quest for additional territory, on placing a foot upon a new home-world it will have found another Earth Goddess - probably with at least one Moon Goddess. There his daytime will be governed, as will life itself, by a Sun God.   When the first cooling waters are found to be palatable, the Sea God will have granted His first blessing.   And, with face to the new star-scene above, he will perceive The Cosmic Mother and  Father, the joint Emanators of this 'new' yet ancient planetary system Who will still be observed to inhabit eternity, maintaining all life, creating the new and drawing the outlived to Their bosoms.

Such were the noble concepts of our ancestors, severely neglected and misrepresented for centuries but which, like the seed at the planting and the new-born light at Midwinter, live on in the race-memory of the Brythonic and Goidelic Kelt. Yes, such was our sacred birth-right trampled underfoot by the
alien Anglo-Saxon hordes in their effective subtotal ethnic cleansing of the once "Island of The Mighty".

This website is but a weak light in a small window, but a light at which the vibrant and ageless Deities of the British Kelt - The Lady and Her Lord, by whatever Names They be known, I trust will knowingly nod and smile.

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