Rydym yn am byth
(we are eternal)


(Having rested, a spirit agrees to embark upon yet another
incarnation on Kylch Abred, the Circle of Rebirth.)

One dim vibration
Ventures forth

From secret shadows
Of th’eternal gyre.

One who sundry beings fired,
A further quest assumes –
Fresh chapter in a tome
That is itself
But haziest brush-stroke

Lost in timeless masterpiece.

Subtle energies flit to and fro
Within the quivering strand –
Its vitality perpetual.

One protofilament
Now seeks
A virgin psyche

While in the depths
Of cold caress

Th'enchanting  nocturne
  Bares a gleaming Empress fair,
  As haunting stanzas 
Of Her fathomless Lord
Swift underpin
The nascent mind

With triple armour
Sure and sound.

Lo now within a tear
From two mysterious tides
It falls to Aranrot's garden.

There amid the blooms
Of that High Queen,
A tender bud
Now drinks its fill

And thus becomes
A jewel-casket royal.

 Kaer Gwydyon's beacon
across the path
As, downward drifting ,
Senses stir and wake

To exquisite orb terrestrial
With live encounters clear,
While heart-fires kindle in
Wond'rous inner depths.

One tender cry doth echo
the vastness of
 Our Mother true,

  As newest mater parva
Smiles radiantly withal 
And weeps for purest joy.

copyright © Gareth Pengwerin
September 2012
All rights reserved