1.  If thy needs in life be simple, then draw nigh the fire in the evening hours and rejoice in thy low estate.

  2.  And if the need be to garnish a chamber or dwelling or indeed the village itself, then the sparkle of the
may be of sufficient beauty.

  3.  At each portal be a servant full ready to do thy bidding, though thou see him not.

  4.  So too at the gate be a serf who lieth as in death.   Be thou not fooled by his appearance.

  5.  Lieth not a forest beyond thy portals where there be serfs a-plenty to do thy bidding?

  6.  If a serf thou dost require to do thee service in the land, find one of strong body or of many skills.

  7.  Hast thou not an attendant to fetch what thou desirest?

  8.  An armed sentinel shall surely bar the way of thine oppressor.

  9.  Summon the lantern bearer when thou wishest to see clearly. Perchance his art may chase the wolf from
       thy gate.

10.  The dark web is the spider's larder, though it store not for the winter season.

11.  Forget not the power of the dragon which gave wings to the chariot of Kerridwen.   It may summon the
      physicians of
Gwynedd and see thy will is done.

12.  The web turneth bright when the dragon's breath bloweth mid the strands.   Then the web and the caul be

13.  The bolt from the Great Queen's bow flies ever true to its mark.   An attendant to hand and an ever
       vigilant  sentinel
may summon Her attention and swift Her arrows.

14.  What of thine enemy when his shield be in pieces?  Aye what indeed if the skill of the refurbisher be

15. The gwrach will eat what is placed before her.  So too will the sow.

16. Yet the serpent eater may devour only serpents.


Copyright   Gareth Pengwerin