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Elemental Correspondences

I have been asked from time to time to demonstrate how the Metaphysical Law of Analogy may be applied in various situations.  Below are two examples - the subdivision of correspondences applied to the basic Elements and applied to sounds.  These are logical, although others may find correspondences more relative to their own personalities and experiences.  One can but experiment in these matters and if it works for you .......... fine!

  Basic Elements

  SPIRIT: Spirit  - human spirit
SPIRIT: Air     - sylphs
SPIRIT: Fire    - salmanders
SPIRIT: Water - undines
SPIRIT: Earth  - gnomes
AIR: Spirit  - wind pressure   FIRE: Spirit  - explosive energy
AIR: Air     - cold air   FIRE: Air     - sparks
AIR: Fire    - hot air   FIRE: Fire    - flames
AIR: Water - humidity   FIRE: Water - lava 
AIR: Earth  - wind velocity    FIRE: Earth  - glowing coal
WATER: Spirit  - wtr. pressure   EARTH: Spirit  - gravity 
WATER: Air     - vapour   EARTH: Air     - dust
WATER: Fire    - steam   EARTH: Fire    - hot coal 
WATER: Water - water   EARTH: Water - mud
WATER: Earth  - ice
EARTH: Earth  - rock 

Sonic Correspondences


The Absolute  silence silence
SPIRIT - Spirit
echo of a voice
echo of a voice
SPIRIT - Air soprano voice soprano voice
SPIRIT - Fire tenor voice tenor voice
SPIRIT - Water contralto voice contralto voice
SPIRIT - Earth bass voice bass voice
AIR - Spirit
soprano/alto saxes
AIR - Air strong wind piccolo or flute
AIR - Fire warm breeze oboe or cor anglais
AIR - Water rain in the wind clarinet
AIR - Earth
rustle of leaves
bassoon, bass clarinet
FIRE - Spirit lightning French horn pp
FIRE - Air roar of a blaze trumpet f or strings ff 
FIRE - Fire crackle of a fire trumpet f (muted)
FIRE - Water
hiss of steam
horn mf, violin/viola pizz
FIRE - Earth
bass trombone or  tuba
WATER - Spirit        
rain flute
WATER - Air stormy sea guitar
WATER - Fire boiling water harpsichord
WATER - Water tide at seashore harp
WATER - Earth stream & waterfall celesta
EARTH - Spirit
human heart beat
tam-tam or temple bells
distant thunder
triangle, glocken,,tub. bells
EARTH - Fire
roar of a volcano
snare drum, cymbals
EARTH - Water
avalanche, cracking of ice i      
xylophone, woodblocks
EARTH - Earth
earthquake, footsteps in a cave
timpani orbass drum

Copyright   Gareth Pengwerin

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The embedded mp3, 'She moved through the fair'
sung by Count John McCormack, is another 
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