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An Anarchist's Dream

Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 2001
All rights reserved

1. I sat enthralled to see the sight -
    The hurly-burly and the spite
    That pass for honourable parliament;
    The bedlam, ire and noxious bile
    That issue from that chamber vile
    Where sits our mighty government.

2. To think we chose th’unruly crew
    To steer our nation - makes me spew
    This elected base autocracy.
    For such display of manners crass
    Would ne’er be brooked in school or class
    Where seethes puerile discourtesy .

3. In calmer hours when hangs the deep
    Of night and all are fast asleep,
    Sit th’illustrious members still.
    There two or three drone to the rest -
    The twenty-one with heads on chest
    Who doze throughout the private bill.

4. Is this the host who muddle on,
    Take ill decisions while they pawn
    The assets of our nation great;
    And plunder middle England’s wealth
    (The taxes freely giv’n) by stealth
    And subterfuge of thieving State?

5. And all the while the poor remain
    A downcast brood scarce worth a name,
    While rich are seen to bloom and flower.
    It counts as little what the swing
    To Left or Right or Centre wing,
    'The Government' remains The Power!

6. The British people aye must be
    Bereft of true democracy,
    Till full accountability
    In Westminster be brought to bear
    On all th’elect who claim to care
    Yet waive responsibility.

7. Will e’er the dream be realised
    When bold Guy Fawkes is canonized
    To sate each avid anarchist?
    Will e’er be seen the glorious sight -
    Each parliamentary parasite
    Hung by the neck - they’d ne’er be missed?

8. Beware we all this trait’rous scum
Who bid all alien invaders come
To violate our British State.
Our long dead heroes, rank on rank,
Must rouse and curse appeasement frank
Which hastens a calamitous fate.

9. Though victor in two mighty wars
‘gainst foes our Britishness abhors,
These machinate to pound us down
To nationalism’s dark nadir
By thrust of legislative spear
To lie despoiled of throne and crown.

10. Lay trust in the veracity
   Of Tory party strategy
   And set those with professional bent
   To direct Britain’s destiny -
   A team with true proficiency.
   Let’s privatise The Government!


"When out the hellish legion sallied!"
(Tam o' Shanter by Robert Burns)