Ymddiddan Nefol
(Celestial Dialogue)


"Lo I am Truth in Its ceaseless abiding,
All-Virgin dwell I where no measures are seen.
In Me is Eternity ever confiding
Void memories treasured of rapture serene.
No birth had I, yet I will bear;
No death for Me, yet will I claim
The life of every dream-child fair
Who in Mine unborn thoughts remain.
Enthroned am I, by all unknown,
Though star-clouds in their infancy,
Or secret universe unshown,
E'en fires of human vanity.

Throughout Mine emptiness I flow,
And thus My tireless Web I spin;
Inward my brooding thoughts I throw -
Dark rays I countenance as kin.
Power to excite each strand and path
And in the Web reaction wake,
I Brother hail and name Him Math,
Whose Law may none despise nor break.

New day of Dn, thy morn's decreed
By resolution firmly set
Of She - The One Reality,
And Her Right Hand - Arglwyd Tyghet.

Beleu Mawr, awaken Thou
At ev'ry centre of My Being,
That Thou and I may pour forth Love and Life
Throughout My Sacred Web,
And journey far to realms as yet unborn!"



"Desirous Awakener and Space-Arch of Eternity,
Whose formless Spirit clings
To farthest fields of nothingness
In all-embracing gyre,
Thou'rt with me still
Though to mine eyes unseen.
Proud in Thy maturity dwell'st Thou,
Now heavy with fruits of Our conceiving.

In reaching to illimitable realms
Of mystery perpetual,
Thou art nowhere touched,
Yet flowest Thou
Through space that yet is not,
And I, e'en I am everywhere -
In circles by immortal finger yet unmarked -
The centre and The Life.

 I AM,
Though time existeth not
Nor is dimension understood.

And even in conception
Is Thy weaving known -
Restriction being Thy nature,
As streams of Thine outpouring
Must converge in pools
Born of Thy dreams
Whose names alone Thou knowest.

Ere aught is manifest,
Thrill upon thrill passes
Swiftly through Eternity,
For It and Thou are one,
And the Holy Web
In soundless voice of triumph sings."


The first Cosmic expansion?


"Tlysau ar gyfer y Frenhines a Mam o bob Tragwyddoldeb"

(Jewels for the Queen and Mother of all Eternity)

(A colourful collection of 100,000 stars are displayed in this small region
inside the Omega Centauri globular cluster, a dense group
of nearly 10 million stars. Omega Centauri is one of
the biggest star clusters in the Milky Way.)

Copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1972
All rights reserved