In Memoriam .

Janet Horne

Murdered in 1722 by
The Establishment -
the judicial system
in Dornoch, Scotland.

The very last so-called
'witch' to suffer such a
death in Scotland.

Thrown head first into 
a barrel of flaming tar
to end her life.

In memory of 
Yansa Advnado 

and the Great Nation 
to which he belongs.

Ruth Wynn Owen
(Gwenfran Gwernan)
of Y Plant Bran

Philosopher and Druidess....
1915 to 1992

Mary Blyth
1875 to 1956
..      .. 
In whom the Morgan 
and the Horne lines merged.

Dr. John Bertram Score
1914 to 1979

Herbalist and researcher
into many aspects of 
complementary therapies.

A multi-talented man 
whose life eclipsed
those of greater fame 
and renown


All artwork thanks to:-

Animations by VR-Mall



An interesting site called

The Black Sun

which discusses who labelled The Old Gods
   and Goddesses "demons" and why.

(A MUST read but give time to load the pdf file)


Ancient Egypt

The Folklore Society (FLS) was founded in England in 1878
to study traditional vernacular culture, including traditional music,
song, dance and drama, narrative, arts and crafts, customs and belief.

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