Y Plant Dn

The Children of (the Goddess) Dn


Y Plant Dn is a religious organisation devoted to the worship of the ancient Keltic Deities delineated in the Welsh legends found in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi.  It is a minority organisation with its headquarters in Yr Ogledd Hen (the old North Wales) and with branches in Mid Wales and West Wales.

There are no branches outwith mainland Britain and this situation will persist in perpetuity.  This is the benchmark which provides authentication of any branch of Y Plant Dn.   There are but three milestones in the progress of a member - Y Mabwysiad (Adoption), Urddo Boneddiges (Coming of Age [woman]), Urddo Marchawc (Coming of Age [man]) and Undeb (Celebration of Parenthood).

Prime Ethic

"We worship the totality of Divinity, unmanifest yet manifest in all departments of Nature, moulding our lives on Divine inner guidance and overt example whilst eschewing all evil in thought, word and deed, reverencing all life both born and unborn - irrespective of species, the classes, colours or beneficent creeds of humanity and upholding the freedom of each living creature, the laws of our homeland and the moral  precepts of civilized society."

Specific Objectives

Mainenance of the worship of the ancient Deities of Ynys Y Kedyrn.

Research of Keltic myth, legend and folklore.

Analysis of such Middle Welsh texts as are extant.

Behavioural research of the ancient Kelt - especially his psychology, philosophy and concept formation, through the first two objectives.

Research of the philological correspondences between Welsh texts and the nomenclature of topographical loci in the Keltic regions of Britain.

Such field-work as may be necessary to determine the veracity of Keltic legends, written or oral, and to evaluate their contribution to the pre-medieval history of Britain.

Documentation of evidence of the preservation of a Keltic spiritual heritage, albeit fragmented, in mainland Britain.

Research of contemporary parochial folklore and customs to assess quantitatively and qualitatively the Keltic content therein.

The establishment of a valid taxonomy of the cosmological principles underpinning the Keltic legends that these be understood more readily by the twenty-first century mind.

Observation of the ancient festivals and ceremonies of the insular Kelt and analysis of their effects upon the human psyche.

The encouragement of the preservation of Keltic art forms - literature, poetry, music, art and crafts.

Contributions of artistic input to parochial festivals of  the arts where possible.

Maintenance of interaction with similar organisations throughout such countries as possess a Keltic cultural heritage - eg. Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany.


  1. The organisation shall remain under the jurisdiction of Y Kynranes (Female Leader) and Y Kynran (Male Leader) assisted by two Blaenoriaid (Counsellors) which two shall be appointed at five yearly intervals.

  2. No changes in constitution shall be effected without the prior consensus of Y Kynranes and Y Kynran, Blaenoriaid and all active members of Y Plant Dn.

  3. A charter to establish an approved Kaer (Castle) within the organisation may be provisional or permanent.  A provisional charter shall exist but for one year, after which time the charter must be revoked or deemed permanent.  Such a charter signed by Y Kynranes and Y Kynran of Y Plant is the only tangible organ of authentication of an established Kaer.

  4. Each Kaer shall be governed jointly by a Boneddiges (Lady) and a Marchawc (Outrider).

  5. The Boneddiges and Marchawc shall hold office for a period of three years, after which time the incumbents of these two offices shall be determined by election at a full meeting of each individual Kaer at Y Gamanfa Fawr.

  6. An annual report shall be furnished by each Kaer immediately following Y Gamanfa Fawr in each year to Y Kynranes and Y Kynran with full details of membership and significant achievements in the workings of that Kaer.

  7. The business meeting of each Kaer which shall be held at Y Gamanfa Fawr shall require a minimum of the Boneddiges, Marchawc and four members.

  8. An extraordinary meeting may be called by any member and at any time, provided that this is ratified by a two thirds majority of the members of a Kaer.  Such a meeting shall be called should there be extreme disquiet concerning parochial policy or the breach of any article in the constitution by a member.  Such a meeting shall also be called should it be the decision of at least two thirds of the membership of a  Kaer that the Boneddiges or Marchawc be compelled to demit office.

  9. Y Gymanfa Fawr shall be held on Gwedy Haf (Summer's End) each year.

10. Membership of the organisation shall be provisional or full.   Entry to the organisation in all cases shall be by provisional membership.  Such membership is subject to annual review for a maximum of two years, after which time membership shall be withdrawn or full membership granted.

11. Membership shall be available to men and women who have attained the age of twenty-one and it is preferable that the prospective member demonstrate a stable pair-bonded relationship, a partner of the opposite sex presenting for membership willingly and contemporaneously.

12. Dedication to the objectives of the organisation and toil in service of the organisation shall be the sole demands of membership.  No fees or other subscriptions shall be required of any member.

13. Each member shall bear his own expenses in the labours of the organisation.

14. Intellectual research shall be equilibrated by work of a practical nature in the fields of artistry or craftsmanship.

15. No one with any degree of proven criminality, known immorality, intemperance, outr traits, mental instability or those devoid of integrity and discretion shall be offered membership.

16. Although some considerable measure of spirituality is expected of a prospective member, no follower of any patriarchal religion shall be offered membership.

17. No one retaining allegiance to foreign religions, unsavoury and questionable cults such as Satanism and Spiritism or such with mental domination as a cardinal feature shall be offered membership.

18. No initiate of any secret society shall be offered membership.

19. No one with any known affiliation to an extreme political organisation shall be offered membership.

20. No member shall engage in an activity which could result in dishonour or any external attention to the organisation.  In all such circumstances immediate expulsion from the organisation is automatic.

21. Any member known to have adopted such activities mentioned at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen above shall be summarily expelled from the organisation.

22. All members shall uphold and obey the laws of Britain, taking care to abstain from any activity which is designed to subvert these laws under pain of expulsion.

23. Where criminality, immorality, intemperance or drug abuse are strongly suspected, membership shall be suspended immediately.  Following exoneration of the member, membership shall be reinstated.  Following conviction or proof of such charges, however, immediate expulsion shall be effected.

24. Where it is known that a member has been or is involved in a criminal act, it is the duty of the Kaer or indeed any member to advise the offender to admit the crime to an officer of the law.  Failure to comply with such advice will result in the denouncement of the offender to the appropriate forces of law and order for the good of society and of the organisation.

25. The most heinous offences are serious crimes against the weaker sentient individual, eg. violence, rape, child abuse, drug marketing, extortion and animal cruelty.  In the event of a member being suspected of any such crime, with adequate evidence existing, it is the duty of any member to denounce the offender to the appropriate forces of law and order without prior warning or counselling that the sufferings of the victim be terminated immediately.

26. No private proselytizing shall be tolerated.  An immediate expulsion from the organisation shall follow such conduct.

27. Nor may any member court publicity in any form for the purpose of ego gratification.  Immediate expulsion shall ensue.

28. Nor may article twenty-seven be rescinded at any time in any extraordinary circumstance whatsoever to rationalize the activities of a member.  So may the organisation remain free at all time from manipulation by any member whose indiscretion by word or deed has attracted attention to either the existence or the workings of the organisation.  In this wise, no mechanism of justification shall exist either as a mask for the absence of integrity or discretion in any member or indeed as a possible shield for any criminal, immoral or eccentric traits or activities.  In all these aforementioned circumstances the penalty or course of action within clauses twenty to twenty-seven inclusive shall be applied and the then ex-member alone be compelled to face the effects of his/her negative behaviour.

29. No expelled member may have any further contact with the organisation.

30. By rigidly observing articles twenty-six, twenty-seven and twenty-eight, it will become swiftly evident whether or not each member is well able to maintain integrity, discretion and humility - essential qualities in the quest for further spirituality.

31. Where a Kaer fails in its duty to expel an offending member, the charter of that Kaer shall be revoked immediately.

32. All members are expected to demonstrate responsibility for the community in which  they live, assisting in improving the quality of life of that community when required, e.g. by community watch, crime prevention, conservation, overview of the elderly, animal welfare, ecological & anti-polution procedures etc..

33. Any member shall be at liberty to receive counsel at any time and on any matter from Y Kynranes or Y Kynran.

34. Information, significant achievements in research, recommended new publications etc. shall be communicated to each Kaer whenever necessary.

Regular Worship

A weekly meeting of each Kaer for regular worship shall be held each Saturday.

Two monthly lunar meetings shall be held as devotional diets of worship and healing sessions on the night of the new and the night prior to, or on the full moon.

The eight Keltic Festivals shall be observed annually:-

1. The Great Assembly
2. Midwinter
3. The Return of The Earth Mother
4. Spring
5. The Sacred Marriage of Earth and Sun
6. Midsummer
7. The Wheat Reaping
8. Autumn

Provision shall be available for a) Presentation of The Newborn,
b) Pair-Bonding (Marriage) and c) Funerals.

Mae gennym ddinas gadarn
Urbem fortitudinem habemus
We have a strong city

Copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1980
All rights reserved