by Mary Graham

Have you been facing problems recently?  Feel that all your efforts to sort them out have just fizzled away and your input of energy has achieved nothing like as much as you expected it to?  Feel you are going through your everyday life as though wading through treacle?  Are most of your pagan friends, like mine, suffering in the same way?  Then this article is for you!

In 1996, Julia Day, Co-Director of Capall Bann publishing company and a woman in touch with many pagans throughout the UK wrote an article "Burdens" about such a subject.  In this article she discussed three types of burden which she had identified - a) overloading our life, b) trying to bear the burden for things which are not ours to assume responsibility for and c) what she describes as Nasties'.

She looks at the 'nasties' created by individuals who are unhappy, jealous etc. and who, as individuals, create around them an aura of the most unpleasant chaos - woe betide any sensitive person who get too near them!

However, I believe there is a more subtle aspect to this problem which is at present working through the  country, causing  all the draining effects I mentioned in my first paragraph.

We know that thought creates energy; most of us will have used this principle many times in working magic.  (Indeed all thought IS energy - Gareth.) Positive pagans tend to create positive energy but not so the type of individuals who create the 'nasties'.  They are constantly producing negative energy, the individual 'nasties' immediately surrounding them.  Of these we are usually instantly and acutely aware and can take steps to counter their effect.  But the more subtle aspect of this is the miasma of psychic 'grot' that builds up in the Earth's aura as a result of all the input by the bulk of humanity who exude negative rather than positive vibrations.

I visualise this 'grot' as a cloud blanketing the Earth - a grey cloud of variable intensity and darkness, changing with the current of national and international events.  In effect, the psychic equivalent of the atmospheric pollution 'smog' seen over some towns these days.  Those who are sensitive respond to it without being aware of its existence.  Those who radiate positiveness (the Light) attract it and are attacked by it as they are a threat to its very being.

So why is this grey miasma so strong at present and what can we do to get rid of it?

Well firstly, each time we pass through the dark of Winter - the period of Misrule when the veil between this world and that of Spirit is thinner than usual and when the weather itself is damp, grey and heavy, it leaves most of us feeling the same in this so-sensitive time of the year, holding the 'grot' close to the earth.

Secondly, this country has not yet totally recovered from the shock and depression felt by the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  Whatever your own attitude to the Royal Family, she was a bright and attractive young woman working against the evils of the world, in her own way an emissary for the Light although she probably didn't see herself as such.  The way this country 'felt' was, and still is, a strong foundation for the 'greyness' and this is constantly being topped up by those people who are unhappy, depressed, bigoted, narrow-minded,  jealous, interested in only exploiting the planet, the power-seekers and manipulators ........ I'm sure you yourself can think of many more categories.

We have labeled this spiritual 'grot' "The Grey Forces" and for some years now have been sporadically waging war on 'them'.  This is not, however, a new problem nor is there a new answer.

Many years ago (sounds just like the beginning of a fairy tale!), when 'Pagan Dawn' was 'The Wiccan' and the late John Score its editor, he published a contributed article about the same 'grey forces' which were referred to as "The Malignant Enemy of Albion."  (That article was from my pen as was the method of dealing with the entity - Gareth.  My article in full can be viewed HERE.)  \Perhaps it is time to tread again that same pathway and ask readers if they will help clear away today's grey forces.

We now do battle using a Celtic warrior (although he more resembles the Knight of Swords in theRider-Waite tarot deck than a Celt!).  He sits a tall horse, is armoured and carries a sword upright in front of him - this is how we first visualised him.  Over the years his sword has changed shape and is now a broad crystal blade.  Originally he was a lone combatant but now, each time I work with him, I see a huge army behind him that fills all the visible space to the horizon.  This is "The Company of Light", now a 'trodden path' with its own reality on the inner Planes.  All those who fight the 'grey forces', in whatever way, are "The Company of Light" on the earth plane.

This 'trodden path' we have named Gwythyr who was a Celtic warrior Associated with Gwyn ap Nudd and the fair Lady Creiddylad in the Mabinogion.  We work the cleansing ritual by visualising Gwythyr then, while holding his image, chant:-

"Strength to his arm, Power and Might;
"Strength to his arm, Love and Light!"

This is repeated as many times as desired, visualising the energy created being absorbed into the crystal sword.  At the desired end of the cleansing, we speak, or rather shout the name "Gwythyr" three times, visualising a discharge of the stored energy like lightening from the tip of the sword.

It flashes through the grey clouds setting fire to them after which they disintegrate.  Occasionally at this point I also 'see' the globe of Earth with a cylinder of light bursting through the grey blanket which surrounds it and can 'see' the UK through the hole punched by the Light.

How about trying it for yourselves using a) Gwythyr if you wish, visualised or simply accessed by speaking His Name or b) the method of burning the clouds away ......... or devise a ritual of your own choosing.

Be advised that this will focus 'the grey forces' in your direction - after all, you will be trying to destroy them.  But if we ALL do a bit, perhaps in a month or so we will all feel less stressed, brighter and in better health.

Sword by Marco Reese

Thank you, Mary.

Is it not about time we all performed this visualisation regularly to maintain the health and unsullied traditional vitality of our Motherland of Britain?

More ideas:-

What about the legend of the piper leading the plague of rats out of the seats of civilisation?   In our case the piper could be a gigantic Highlander in full Highland dress piping any infestation down through the British Isles to drown it in the English Channel.  The plague of rats in this case can be the theriomorphism of any social ill or anti-social plague which is threatening British society.

(Social ills?  What about murder, rape, child abduction, paedophilia, crimes of violence, drug addiction, the erosion of Britain's sovereignty by external sources.

The rats?  Drug barons, organised crime lords, senior executives of banks and public companies whose greed is illimitable, parasites [sorry, politicians] who 'milk' the taxpayers, closet-communists, unelected quangos whose preoccupation with political correctness shackles each Briton and the other rats - the many sociopathic criminals together with other vile types who litter and polute our British society.)

On alternate nights one could visualise a Highland Charge following the piper's path to clear what was missed by the piping.  Of course each line of warriors stretches from coast to coast.


(Oh! The piper's tune?  What about "Rule Britannia" -
it can be played on the bagpipes. 
I've tried on a practice chanter!)
Gareth - Alban Elfed 2009