The Explosion of

Ritualistic Child Abuse

as a Phenomenon of the 1990s

by 'The Emissary'



1. Are the allegations of Ritualistic child abuse a new phenomenon?

In short, yes.

 2. What is the trigger of these lurid allegations?

On 3rd May 1987, the News of The World exposed the obnoxious display of manuals rationalising gay sex and child pornography for sale within the London church of St. Botolph's, Aldgate - headquarters of the Gay Christian Movement.  (e.g.:- "Sexual Experience Between Men And Boys" by Parker Rossman.)

Since then, many Sunday and daily newspapers have revealed regularly the filth and evil perversion permeating the church, detailing the facts, confessions, exposes, trials and eventual convictions of the deviants involved.

In an attempt to counteract this negative but just publicity, Christian evangelical and fundamentalist groups appear to be the overt power behind these novel ritualistic charges, but whether they are really the epigenesis of this mania remains to be seen. Could such groups simply be the tools of a much deeper religious establishment conspiracy?

Their objective, as in the middle ages, is to draw the fire to the door of the old common enemy of the church and man - Satan, thus permitting the 'hot' situation of scandal within Christianity to cool by  diverting public attention from the real peril.

 3. Is there a similarity between ritualistic allegations and the charges of heresy in the middle ages?

Seldom do we find one person charged with this nature of child abuse.   As in the era of early persecution of heretics, they cannot be seen to stand alone in the infamy - there must be obvious accomplices such as relatives, friends or neighbours.

In the Orkney case, we also found that Sheriff Kelbie criticised how the children were "subjected to cross-examination designed to break them down", no doubt to provide the answers the examiners wished to hear - the methods of the witch finders of old.   The Guardian of 5th April 1991 commented on how swiftly the latter case followed an Aberdeen conference on ‘Satanism’ at which the speaker was the leader of "Reachout Trust", a Christian organisation providing help to "victims of the occult."   Is the philosophy of this nature of organisation, then, an embryonic Malleus Maleficarum awaiting a publisher?

Subsequent reports in the media suggested that the local parish minister was at least on the perimeter of the scandal, although this was never proved.

 4. Is perversion implicit in patriarchal Christianity?

Christianity, being a religion founded upon an all-male divine hierarchy (a feature which  is alien to all other aspects and departments of manifestation, i.e. Nature), is, therefore, unnatural and unequilibrated and, like any imbalance of force, a perversion to be eschewed.   Indeed we are experiencing an epoch when the general public is becoming  increasingly concerned with the balance in Nature's eco-systems and related 'green' issues, and when many, accepting that fatherhood without motherhood is physically impossible, are turning toward so-called 'pagan' philosophies in which a wholesome balance is evident, with a female deity observed as the counterpart of the male in the human technique of (and need for) anthropomorphism together with a hearty reverence for Mother Earth.

 5. Why is Christian fundamentalism playing this significant role in the generation of public alarm and renewed attention-seeking for Christianity by seeing evil in other non-Christian religious systems, finding a ubiquitous lurking Satan and encouraging the application of the adjective "ritualistic" to cases of child abuse?

Being broadly-based on a Hebraic religious infrastructure and, therefore, housing the Luciferian pride of "the chosen people" (as is evidenced by its self-glorification in "the religion of the one true God"), Christianity's perverse nature has been to denigrate the deities of existing  religions, (whose rightful places it has raped in many many lands), redefining them libellously as devils and members of the body of Satan on account of its own intrinsic insecurity.

On the spiritual front it could never tolerate a 'market economy' because its obviously neurotic doctrines and anatomy of plagiarism decreed it to be an inferior product - hence the constant homicidal urge since c. 1300 a.d. to obliterate the opposition.   This is a cardinal feature of all dictatorships, and Christianity, albeit of the religious variety,  has ever conformed to this evil symptomatology.

 6. What is the relationship between Christianity and Satanism?

Satan (according to Hebrew doctrine), originally the public prosecutor of the Israelitish Jehovah but transmogrified into The Devil, a universal reservoir of  evil and iniquity, by Christianity has been, curiously enough, the best friend the church has ever possessed as he has imparted to it a raisond'etre and spurious validity underpinned by the church's conversion tool - the concoted fear of its own creation to maintain its grasp of the masses.

Contemporary Satanists, however, do NOT countenance this anthropomorphism of evil  entrenched in the Christian mind.  Satan, to them, is simply the Dark (i.e. hidden) Essence which is & contains all (SAT) and which permeates (TAN) and motivates the whole of Nature to develop and become.

This spurious outdated image, however, is the identical emotional weapon wielded today by Christian fundamentalists in the charges of ritualistic child abuse in their desperate attempt to arrest the moribundity  of an obsolete religion.   Such is the outmoded nature and sterility of their sales technique.    Nevertheless, this despicable opportunism in manipulating young lives, as part of their insidious marketing philosophy of desperation, is a disgust to the righteous and humanity itself!

 7. Is ritualistic child abuse found in Christianity itself?

On account of the Nazarene's reputed statement: "This is my body/blood", which subtends the doctrine of transubstantiation in the churches of England and Rome, the worshippers in each of these sects believe that they are devouring his REAL flesh and REAL blood - in fact voluntarily practising ritual cannibalism in the 20th century!

And it is to participation in this filthy ritual, the abomination of an UNHOLY communion, that children from about the age of ten are coerced in these religious sects both by myopic parents and the ever proselyte-hungry church, and entry to which is via the ritual of confirmation - all performed on most occasions before the representation of the vile scene of a tortured, bleeding and dying man impaled upon a wooden cross. (Accompanied by the singing of the ‘Veni Creator’ which is "ritualistic music" - a point of interest for the Orkney Social Work Department!)

Nowhere could one find a more exquisite example of the ritual abuse of children, both mentally and spiritually!

 8. Is the sexual abuse of children absent in Satanism but present in Christianity?

Irrespective of the panic-generating sensationalism of the media, statistical analysis by Detective Superintendent Hames of New Scotland Yard of the sexual abuse of children has demonstrated that NO EVIDENCE of ritual abuse by Satanists had been found - although such allegations had been made in a mere 5 cases in 2,000 (0.25%).

This leads us to assume that the vast majority of malevolent perverts composing such paedophile rings are actually baptised Christians!   We never read, however, of a "Christian business man" or "Christian father" convicted of child molestation - such deviants must never be seen to be practising Christians as this would provide further evidence in the damning of this  religion for its intrinsic perversity.

Indeed many press reports of convictions for sodomy involving under-age males, child pornography rings and similar scandals include, among the PROVEN guilty and now incarcerated and humiliated perverts, not Satanic high priests, witches or New Age pagans, but ANGLICAN VICARS, ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIESTS, CHOIR MASTERS AND CHURCH WARDENS.

Among these latter concrete facts and shreds of the church's exploded credibility lies a further damning indictment - the revelation that a minister of The Church, who was the vice-chairman of a city's social services committee involved in the investigation of an alleged 'ritual abuse scandal', had been convicted and fined previously for an act of gross indecency with another male within a public toilet!

The ITV's "World in Action" of Monday of 20th July 1992 detailed the many incidences of child abuse by priests of The Roman Catholic Church in Britain and the United States of America, and how The Church regularly attempts to protect the malifactor by transference to another parish or diocese.

Again we learned of the successful convictions of a number of these  paedophiles who were unearthed by the F.B.I. and Interpol, and how the victims had felt that forgiveness was impossible on account of their ruined lives.   Although there were a few cases of the sexual abuse of female children, the vast majority of cases cited evidenced buggery of young boys.

Such was the impact of the programme that the network news the same evening not only reported the programme but reviewed excerpts from the case studies of these degenerates.   Since then similar scandals have been reported from the UK to Australia in increasing number with the Roman Catholic Church now taking responsibility for past sexual assaults.

 9. Is child abuse present in any other patriarchal religion?

The mutilation of genitalia in young female children in Islam is singular answer to this. (The excision of the labia majora, labia minora and clitoris to ensure no sexual pleasure in adulthood and, therefore, fidelity to the husband - and countless examples of gynaecological problems in later life!)

Indeed Islamic families even resort to sending daughters back to the country of origin to have this obscenity performed - no doubt to remain untouchable within British law.   Of course any condemnation of this barbarism would not be conducive to good race relations - the ethnic customs of these incomers, however horrific in terms of basic human rights, must be seen to be inviolate!

10. Where do these observations lead us?

Firstly, they reveal the centuries of effective indoctrination which conditions each individual to accept that religion in Britain offers two options - one is either a Protestant  or a Roman Catholic.   "That is religion and that is the end of it, dear boy" - a statement corroborated by the average hospital admissions clerkess, personnel officer and those domiciled in Northern Ireland.

Of course one can meet the occasional Jew and certain local Hindus and Muslims.   The latter two, however, have "little to do with us but they seem all right when we buy  milk, bread and newspapers from the corner shop!"

Any other religion which departs this stereotyped norm is regarded as either weird, heretical or downright evil.   Such is the depressing state of unashamed unenlightenment in this modern age.

Secondly they return us full circle to question four of this article and to the further question:-

"How long can the mind of the common man remain blind to the poisonous perversity and malignancy of patriarchal  religious systems and to the fact that superior alternatives, including true Satanism, exist ?"

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