Time Travel


In a theory which is but a remote possibility, physicists suggest that the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva could be used to send an assumed particle back in time.  This particle, although as yet imaginary, has actually been given a name - the Higgs singlet.  This unknown particle is said to be related to another yet unknown particle, the Higgs boson.  The search for this latter elusive particle was one of the principal reasons for the construction of the collider and it is assumed that if the Higgs boson is discovered, the singlet will appear as a bonus.

More of this theory has been expounded in a paper by physicists Tom Weiler and Chui Man Ho of Vanderbilt University which appeared on Cornell University Library website in March 2011.  This can be viewed at http://arxiv.org/abs/1103.1373

Their theory is that this particle may have a distinctive ability to escape the space/time continuum in which we live, entering a veiled dimension which itself is still theoretical.  Is one led here to the concept of 'hyperspace'?  No link has as yet been made.  Nevertheless it is speculated that the Higgs singlet could reenter our continuum from this dimension at points ahead or behind in time of the point at which it exited.  This conjecture is part of the M-theory, a TOE (theory of everything) based upon the concept of super strings which, in vibration, form the anatomy of all particles.

.....What has all this to do with metaphysics?
Physicists, although they know it not, are in good company with metaphysicians as we work constantly and have done for some 50 years with protyles which may be called the elements of pre-matter, the elements of the wise or sub atomic particles.   This website has been at the cutting edge of this concept since its appearance on the web in 1990.  The main difference is, however, that, although these protyles are invisible, we not only assume they exist but know by experience they exist and, with that firm conviction, employ them in our workings.  And in the doing and before anyone can show them in visible reality, we obtain results which demonstrate their existence!  In effect we put the cart before the horse and validate the secure functionality of the operation.
What we have done for some time in experimentation and long before the physicists had the idea of this rudimentary foray into time travel, is the construction of elementaries, servitors, serving spirits, call them what you will and given them the usual instructions.  The difference, however, is in the intent, as what is attempted here is the sending of such servitors backward in time to correct an issue which had its roots in a former time period, perhaps months or years before.  One can easily see the immense value in such an operation which could correct physical disease for example or intervene as a shield at a date prior to some psychic invasion.
What is still to be attempted is the projection of a servitor ahead in time to 'lie in wait' for a trigger mechanism to activate - the equivalent of a post-hypnotic suggestion given to the human mind.
I should be extremely grateful if anyone has achieved results in this dimension of work and is willing to send me an assessment of the observable outcomes achieved.

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