"The Poison Called


Jim Fowler

H. G. Wells, the famous science fiction writer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in an address to an International Conference of Teachers, chose the above title.   In it he declared that: “The adjustment of history to reality has become a matter of supreme urgency.   You are teaching history to the oncoming generation in a wrong way and in a wrong spirit.   A drastic revision of your ideas and methods is necessary…....”

His plea fell on deaf ears, and no other subject has suffered more at the hands of the so-called historians than the history of pre-Xtian Britain and her religious beliefs and philosophies.   Nowadays we are surrounded by numerous societies for the protection of ethnic minorities in Britain and throughout the world and it becomes the ‘in thing’ to show concern for the North American Indian or similar peoples.   But, are we not following the same mistakes of the historical-archaeological establishment, when we too find the romance of distance more vogue than our native heritage ignored for so long?

Where then, we must ask ourselves, did the first injection of poison into the healthy body occur and for what reason?

In 55 b.c. Julius Caesar gazed across the English Channel to a land with a very different system of government from that of the totalitarian regime of Rome - a land with a freedom-loving people, a land which had become the home of many refugees fleeing from the ‘civilising’ power of Rome; for they knew that, in Roman eyes, civilization was slavery  under a more sinister name, that of the slave state.   Fortunately for Britain, Caesar’s invasion failed, as did his next attempt in 54 b.c., but the deadly draught was already being prepared.

The writings of Julius Caesar, which any Latin student knows, are and have been read in the schools and universities of this country for hundreds of years.   These are the writings, along with various other Roman authors, that formed the classical early history of Britain and that have been presented to our children as truth.   How the civilising Romans conquered the painted and barbaric ancestors of ours!  How well Caesar wrote.   One wonders that if the Germans had won the last war, would the history of Britain in two thousand years’ time be the writing of Josef Goebbels or William ‘Lord Haw Haw’ Joyce?  Our ancestors who gave their lives to protect this country from Rome have been betrayed by the very people they died for.

Let us examine some of the propaganda written by Julius Caesar.   He knew that the resistance of the Celtic peoples was due to their religious beliefs in reincarnation and their faith in the priesthood; therefore the priesthood had to be seen to be bloodthirsty savages who constantly performed human sacrifices to placate their Gods – by burning people and animals in wicker-men.  If this had been correct and carried out for centuries, as is implied, why then in our Sacred Sites are there not huge piles of bones found to corroborate this?  Yet we are expected by the historians to accept this without question.   Probably the most barbaric spectacle the world has ever known were the Roman games, where thousands of innocent people were slaughtered in the name of entertainment.   Julius Caesar, as the beloved classical writers will tell you, had unusual abilities as a showman and organiser of gladiatorial games.   This fact has been whitewashed and the obvious vices of the man covered up in order that the lies written about our ancestors be given more credence.

And so from one Caesar we move to another - Claudius who invaded Britain in 43 a.d..  From then the denigration of the native British tradition continued almost unabated until the present day.   In 59 a.d. the sacred centre of Môn (Anglesey) was engulfed by the Roman Army in an attempt to destroy native resistance to the conquest and also ease the introduction of the Roman religious system.  Again the historians tell us of the howling, screaming Druids and black robed women with dishevelled hair cursing the brave legionaries as they prepared to invade the Sacred Groves.   In the light of this one, among many instances of Roman brutality of Mediterranean cold steel v. unarmed inhabitants, can we really believe the legions came to lovingly bestow a peaceful hyper-civilization on our people?  It becomes obvious that Britain before the Roman invasions was a rich and civilised country which traded freely with the rest of Europe, which had its own native histories and religious and political systems that were the envy of the rest of the known world.   Celtic Britain was based, not like Rome on worldly wealth, but on a vastly more spiritual plane where death held no fears.   These were the values that the peoples of this country literally bled themselves to death to preserve and which historians since then have tried to deny.   Into this almost exhausted and defeated people then came a new poison.

Christianity when it appeared first in the early decades of Roman occupation was a cult aimed mainly at the slave population that had arisen as a result of the totalitarian regime of Rome.   The appeal of people being in slavery with no hope for a future was obvious.   Forget about suffering in this life, submit to the degradation and defilement of your physical body for there is a better life beyond death through the acceptance of Christ.  The rise of Christianity from its persecution in the 1st century to its becoming the state religion of Rome in the 4th can be linked with the gradual demise of the military power of the Empire.

The enormous frontiers, frequent civil disturbances, the jealousies and rivalries within Rome began to take their toll of a completely degenerate regime.   We can accuse the Emperors of many things but not of stupidity.   If this cult could be controlled then even the belief in an after life would come under their power.   So Christianity which preached love and peace became the intolerant Church of Rome which for the next 1500 years ruled Europe and the rest of the world with a grip never dreamed possible by the Caesars.

The methods of the Christian Church in this Island are well known to us.   Firstly either convert or destroy the Holy Places of our ancestors, proclaim the pagan Deities either saints or devils, promise tribal chieftains more power if they accept the Church, disband all seats of learning except the monasteries, thereby giving the Church a monopoly of teaching, threaten Hell-fire and damnation to non-Christians and finally destroy them!   This was all done over the centuries in this country until the people who had fought so long against the Roman Empire and who were being attacked on another level began to succumb.   The poison had eventually, after 500 years, worked.

Now we live in a country whose religion and traditions have been almost lost and where alien philosophies and distorted historical facts are prevalent.   Her people turn theirs heads to distant lands and foreign cultures for answers to age-old problems, when the answers are beneath their feet.  Historians and archaeologists paint a picture of our ancestors as uncivilised barbarians and teach these lies in our schools where native languages are forsaken for continental ones.

Let us be clear on this point – the denigration of our heritage continues even today.   The same lies are still repeated over and over again.   As H. G. Wells said, “the adjustment of history to reality has become a matter of supreme urgency”.   This is even more relevant today when throughout the British Nation a sense of despondency seems to prevail.  Let the veil be pulled back that the true heritage of our Islands may shine forth and illumine the minds of our people.   Let them not be deceived by centuries of false teachings – the truths are there for those willing to seek.   The Old Gods have not deserted us, even although most of us are ignorant of Them.   Throughout the centuries They have waited quietly, the knowledge of Them being Transmitted by a few faithful, knowing that one day They will again take Their rightful place in these Islands for these are truly “The Islands of The Blessed”.

copyright © Jim Fowler 1973