Source or Origin

The speaker, overawed by the complex cosmic
vista of which (s)he is but an infinitesimal spiritual part,
glimpses her/his next incarnation with certainty and trust -
another revolution of Kylch Abred, The Circle of Abred or Rebirth
and addresses in confidence The One Who is All - The Everlasting.


Dark Queen, Thou call'st us forth from wildest tides
And storm-lashed shores of our mortality.
Soft we rise as phantom flakes on winter morn
To pierce th’enfolding gyre of boundless space.

On, ever on float we
Upon the coolest sigh of subtle winds -
The echo of Thy laughter,
Reaching far through dimensions unimaginable
Where Thou inhabitest eternity.

Thine unseen form, bedecked with jewellèd galaxies
A-whirling in the rose flush of an ancient dawn
And violet shadows - the dusk of many an aeon,
Bears us forth amid Thy royal apparel -
An opalescent cloak of beauty terrible
Bequeathèd by Thy Lord
And living Consort infinite.

Here Ye both maintain
The I AM of existence,
A Divine Concubinage
Of everlasting truth and life.

There amid the fire-mist bright,
E'en yonder mid the incandescent flare
When starry song in triumph closes
Reign Ye The Source
And ever-certain Ending.

Yea, on we speed through Ye,
The Twain Who coalesce in One,
Spurred by smould’ring flame
That is Your Spirit deep
Within our souls,
To find in Ye the endless future
And immeasurable past,
Until at length upon the shore
Of 'here and now' stand we anew.

So find we Your ever-present
Hand in ours, for Ye are here -
Our mortal form but threads within
The warp and weft of Your
Abundant Essence Royal;

And we an humble palace-hall,
Miniscule yet sublime
Aglow with that dear smile
Of Parenthood Divine.

with all thanks to The First Parents'
guidance & inspiration.........
Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 1992
All rights reserved