Manifestation of Llyr

From the well-head of tranquillity
Flows the rhythm of Eternity,
Harnessed by
the Lunar Empress Royal

To rule the ebb and flow 
At Her supreme command.

Sustaining Love and gentle 
Flood-tide of compassion,
Swift divulge the Dark Queen's 
Dreams so dim designed,
That inner sight 
May promptly deign reveal
The deepest captive secrets 
Of the veiléd mind.

Secreted forces that
Thy sunken kingdom fashions
Are nurtured in
Brackish caverns of delight.
Thy surging Power, 
 Sustainer of all passions,
Inspire the virgin spirit's 
Upward flight.

Move Thou fleet the mighty seas -
Enrage the rushing tide
That mankind's furies
May arise to buttress sound
The human will in times 
Of direst need!

To dwell 'mid loving kin
And comfort lend;
To fling the portal wide
To newborn life;
Freedom from savage snares
That life may send;
All are from Thy hand,
Llyr Llediaith.


Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 1969