The Manifestation of Gwynn

(The Cosmic Mother addresses Her Firstborn)

Gwynn Ap Nyddwr, sail Thou forth
Within The Barque of Shadows,
Floating free upon the womb-tides
Of My Motherhood.

Thou in Thy birth
Art Herald of The Day of Dn,
Whose launching of trajectories
Parts the morning mists that shroud
The dawning of a boundless aeon.
And Time is in Thine Hand
To measure Mine accomplishment
Ere dusk shall lull The Web to sleep.

Stand Thou, O Sentinel,
Holding The Gate of The Womb,
E'en as Thy Father doth quicken
The seed by His Breath.
Remain Thou The Guardian Dread
By The Door of The Tomb,
E'en as Thy Mother
Doth gather Her children in Death.

The tides of beginning,
The chill dark river of ending,
Two sacred streams o'er which
Thou shalt watchful remain;
Lo be they seen on Thy brow
To their Source ever wending.

Arglwyd Korniog,
Lord of The Gates
Be Thy Name.

copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1967