Manifestation of Aranrot


Amid the fire-mist
Flecked with swirling sparks
That spiral in cascades of light
Fanned by the breathing of Eternity,
And golden orbs
Whose majesty doth numb the mind
With power incomprehensible,
There flits My Daughter
In Her heavenly dance -
An endless round of sweet serenity.

Bedecked in green and flowing moats of blue
With twining clouds of wispy white,
She floats as if a rounded hill
Freed from some universal weald.
This, then, be Thy name of names -
The Lady Aranrot.

Mother am I; Thou Mother art,
For lo dwell I within Thine heart.
Loving Thy care at the hour of birth
Of every soul returned to earth.
These cherish well, endurance give
And Cantrydd fair in which to live.
Thine ardent Lord's virility
Thine ember of fertility.



Copyright Gareth Pengwerin 1969