Y  Fam Ddu

(The Dark Mother)

Darkness in density abounded,

Thriving in profundity bizarre.
Extent and span e’en depth were naught
For neither was dimension understood
Nor aeon nor existence
Nor yet vibration brief,

As mystique and All were one.
Still 'All' was reverie and aspiration
Ere outspread this compact umbra
   Beyond the veilèd heart of Gwynfyd.*

Lo within this dimmest gyre -
Discernment deep of purpose,
Maidenhood, tumescence,
of uterine proclivity.
And ere She deignèd sail abroad

On unseen ocean inexplicable -

(A viscous void to grow apace

With far-flung voyages perpetual),

Her sovenance
and sail She
To chart Her untold quests profound.

Thus Being and becoming
Were as one

Until each nascent form
(her cherished brood)

Was swift devoured
At dissolution of a cycle
Or an aeon.

So Mater and Sustainer were as one
  Ere each and every soul be laved
     By Mae'r Golchwr y Rhyd.**

If She deignèd speak
 E'en for an instant -

Tone ringing on
 In sweet bright resonance
As time itself had gelled -
Like echoes in some vast high hall
That cannot die
But linger long,

Her subtle siren voice would seize thy will.
The timbre - aye and intonation chaste
Would sure engulf thee swift
Within the dark well of Eternity.

To see The Mother Dark in Her totality
Would clearly strip thy mind of every sense,
Stilling all perception and deep memory
Of things well known or yet incomprehensible,
'Til thou become one jot within the Realm
Of blessedness and wondrous peace -
Gwynfyd, the womb-like fond abode
And solace for each spirit bright,
Thy dedicated domicile and destiny.

So Parent and Her child embrace;
Tear falls to the Eternal
Darkling Sea;
Essence with essence;
Spirit with spirit;
All is still

*Paradise = 'Be-ness' or 'Sat' in Tantric Doctrines

**The Washer of the Ford  (pronounced "Mire Golchoor uh chrid") 
ch is hard as in 'loch'.

     copyright © Gareth Pengwerin,
December 2012         
       All rights reserved