Math fab Mathonwy

(The Lord of Destiny)

   Where’er appears the blazing helm

  Of Beleu’s shimmering Car rhyfel,2

Whose arm directs the mien,

The turn and formulated

Fleetness of the rim?


  When Gwydyon’s moods 3

Rise fierce and dire

With flaming blade

Thrust forth by fury fired 4

Yet with no rival nigh,

Who sets a helmet firm 5

Upon the royal head

To swift curtail the goad

Of battle-rage extreme?


Who wisely drilled

  Two graceful sisters 6

In their stately dance,

A tireless sarabande

Penarddun and Aranrot

Choose to call their own?


None may realize

All such deeds and more

Save One whose power

Extends throughout

The vastness of eternity –

The ancient Sovereign

Lord of Gwynedd,

Math fab Mathonwy.

‘Tis meet to task the mind

To honour well and venerate

   The Lord of this high Cantref.7

And be thou firmly presaged

That secrets murmured

Or yet be gently sighed

Will surely touch

The subtle hearkening of
   Arglwyd Mawr o Tyghet.


 When skeins of hapless fate

Ensnare in heartless rule,

Or should one seek redress

For malice wrought 'gainst

Domicile and person harmless,

Then seek the ear, the wisdom

And the aptitude unmatched of

Math, bestower of reparation just

To equalise once more

The providence of quester

Sore distressed and sorely harm’d.


As when a beauteous bride

Was conjured swift

By the magic power

Of Gwydyon and Math

For Lleu’s companionship,

This ancient rule

May still be wrought

(E’en as bright blooms were

Changèd swift to figure corporeal)

For all who entreat

The everlasting skill

Of that high adept lodged

Within Kaer Dathyl’s

Hallowed Halls -

Math The Ancient,

Math The right hand of

The Heavenly Monarch

And hidden Empress of
  Y  Gwerin Gwynedd.9

Math hen

1 galactic wheel
2 war chariot
3 solar proclivity
4 solar flare
5 gravity
6 earth and moon
7 realm
8 Great Lord of Destiny
9 the Warband of Gwynedd

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Copyright © Gareth Pengwerin                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11th July 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                            All rights reserved    



embedded track: Borodin's Symphony No.1, slow movement