Empires Come and Empires Go
predicting the death-throes of the EU


Who Gives A Damn About Europe and
the Backers of a One World Government?!

In a period of just under 4,190 years, there have been a number of those that are termed the “largest” world empires.   Just how many?  Two hundred and eight (208) which include the British, Mongol, First & Second French Colonial, Portuguese, Roman, Ming Dynasty, Nazi Germany, Ottoman, Dutch, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Holy Roman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.  A very impressive record indeed.

These have existed in varying dimensions, measured in million km2 of our planet’s land mass, the greatest being the British Empire with 33.7 million km2 and the lowliest being the Eastern Zhou Dynasty of China with an humble 0.15 million km2.

“How many of these have suffered disintegration and progressed to perdition”, one may ask?

Every single one!

(Even in our own lifetime we have witnessed
the demise of the mighty USSR.)


Ilya Prigogine, a Russian-born naturalized Belgian physical chemist and Nobel Laureate, is best known for his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that secured for him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977.

Dynamical Systems can be characterized as conservative or dissipative, depending on whether their phase volume stays constant or contracts.  Roughly speaking, a dissipative system is not conservative but "open" with an external control parameter that can be tuned to critical values causing a transition to chaos.

A structure, therefore, may become so complex that chaos is on the horizon at its nativity or that the seeds of its own disintegration existed from its genesis.  Perceived in human linear time, we are born to die and in Cosmic cyclical time, a new star developed within a stellar nursery comprehends a supernova as its inevitable conclusion.  Indeed so it is within the multipart structure of

an empire  –  any empire  –  all empires


We have it, therefore, “direct from the horse’s mouth” – the science of Prigogine and in the historical evidence of over four millennia.  Why then did we witness, on the international stage, senior politicians’ feverish, obstinate, bizarre and futile efforts to recreate that which was obviously ill-fated - yet another empire in the shape of a European Union and first advocated in the manifesto Paneuropa of 1923, unless their hyper-inflated egos and delusions of grandeur compelled them to attempt to trounce the impossible odds (like omnipotent gods) thus displaying the fruitless optimism of assuring themselves a glorious insertion into the annals of history or.unless they were powerless to profit from past experience which is symptomatic of high grade mental subnormality or perhaps their existence was w3j e2n a2llw??? kosmw?? (as in another world)!

Alas. I fear all are condemned to be encapsulated in an enshrined abode - a well-earned resting place within the anal realm of history!

Ever since the parturition of this grotesque behemoth, their miopic, microcephalic successors have assembled the Treaties of Paris, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon into the unholy writ of a Contemporary Testament which all must embrace in unquestioning veneration, similar to that spewed up by Emperor Constantine from the then detritus of miscellaneous religious fables.

Cave quem creas in posteritate! -
Beware whom you elect in the future!

The ultimate fate of Europe raises the question - not of "will perdition come" or "will it not" but "when and how will it come"?   Of 'the when' we must be patient pragmatists and simply say, "We shall see".  The 'how' is, however, a separate concern and herein we have two alternatives.

Firstly, the end may indeed be instantaneous, with the European Union imploding, dragging every member state across some concealed event horizon that has hovered from the Union's inception then plummeting to a certain hideous singularity spawned by the hubris of the would be Frankensteins whose gruesome dreams became, if but for a brief period in terrestrial time, reality and drawing in its wake that glittering, tawdry trinket of its whoredom - the euro!

The second possibility is that, as each state falls out of love with the concept of union and has its emotion metamorphosed to hate for its vampiric master, each will depart the scene sequentially until the malignant brain of Brussels alone remains a putrescent corpse  - manure for the field of global history.  Certainly the current frantic efforts of the unholy toxic duo of M. Sarkozy and Die Reichsführerin, Frau Merkel, unmistakeably herald the advent of the terminal paroxysms of this qlippothic monstrosity.


Furthermore, to find reassurance in turbulent economic times, let us remove these geographic descriptors such as British, Roman, Ottoman etc. from the word 'Empire' and substitute 'political' or, more importantly, 'financial' to attempt to prognosticate the success, viability, durability and indeed vulnerability of such modern, contrived, confederated neoplasms as the Rothschild + Rockefeller + Kuhn +Loeb + J.P. Morgan + Goldman Sachs alliance or the politico-financial, parasitic thuggery of the sinister and manipulative Bilderberg Group, then apply 1) the identical Prigogine 'road-to-chaos' theorem together with 2) reflection on the overview of previous millennia.

These two factors, together with the septicity of the greed which energises the insatiability of these aforementioned coalitions or confederacies, will assuredly result in:-


Does this critique not give a totally innovative meaning
to the term "a blasted Heath"!?

One must regretfully remember the late Edward Heath who took Britain
into an EEC on the back of a damned lie, when he knew full well that a

European State was planned from the very beginning.

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17th September 2011
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