Here is one old article found on an ancient floppy disc.  It must have been retained as being of sufficient interest at a time when the ‘steam-driven’ typewriter perished.  If I remember, it was in answer to an article on “Witchcraft Down Under” which appeared in an occult magazine c. 1970.

Witchcraft Down Under or Wherever

Points to Discuss or Ponder

When reviewing the evolution of humanity at the global level, it is abundantly obvious that all continents and countries held some form of naturally evolved religious practice which pre-dated Christianity, with established 'Elder Deities' in each country and region commensurate with both country and race in Their imagery.  These Elder Deities of every country, therefore, must still remain in varying degrees of vitality and perpetuity on inner plane levels.

Certain points arise, therefore, for further consideration:-

1. As the term 'Witchcraft' was first coined in Britain, does it refer only to a British form of pre-Christian religious observance?

2. As the term 'Witchcraft' was applied to a religion in which pre-Christian deities were venerated, does it apply, therefore, to the pre-Christian religions of all countries?

3. If 'witchcraft' refers to the pre-Christian religions of all countries, are practising Jews, Hindus, Taoists & Shintoists etc. to be recognised as 'fellow-witches' if they are domiciled in Britain?  Also, if domiciled in any country where the suppression of so-called 'Witchcraft' is prevalent, does the religious observances of those groups just mentioned place them at risk on account of state attitudes?

4. In addition to the above followers of pre-Christian religions, are Ethnic Americans, First Nations of Canada, Maoris and ethnic Australians and indeed all ethnic Africans, who maintain a non-scriptural worship of Ancient Deities in preference to that of the Christian Trinity, also liable to persecution in their respective continents? 

5. As the Ancient Deities should still be relatively vibrant in continents most recently
stolen by the white man (i.e. in the last few hundred years), are the descendents of the white usurpers in America, New Zealand, Africa and Australia unconsciously perpetuating a form of British spiritual colonialism when they attempt to imitate a form of religion (i.e. ersatz pre-Christian British so-called witchcraft) which has little to do with the ancient religion of the longitude or latitude in which they have settled or in which they find themselves born?  (Where is 21st century conservation now, ye colonial Garderians, Alexandrians et alii.?)

6. Would it not be better for such overseas British descendents to reconcile themselves to the fact that they are Americans, New Zealanders, Australians or whatever and throw themselves wholeheartedly as innovators in a young land into their current national, albeit youthful heritage (forgetting all about British Paganism, Caledonian, Welsh & Burns societies and other incongruous abberations) and, if feeling the stirrings of Paganism, humbly but relentlessly seek out the wise ones of the old tribes of the land and ask for their guidance? 

7.  If the latter approach be applied, then instead of being guilty of further endangering the vitality of the indigenous Gods of these countries, such colonials could have the opportunity to ally themselves to the indigenous peoples who have had the strength to resist absorption into Christianity, the privilege to worship the Elder Deities in the land of These Deities' origin and the chance to make reparation and obtain forgiveness for the atrocities and ethnic cleansing inflicted upon the indigenous peoples by their British or European forefathers. 

Naturally I say their not our forefathers, as we consider the early settlers who turned their cowardly backs on Britain rather than make a stand against socio-economic injustice (real or imagined) to be traitors by their rejection and desertion of the mother country!   (I do not, however, include in this statement the poor wretches forcibly deported from Britain during the Highland Clearances when homes and possessions were burned to the ground - a dispossessed people.)

It is a relief to see on many Pagan Social Platforms a considerable number of American members who list as an interest - "Native American Spirituality".  Yes, the land is calling out to ALL its children!

8.  Wherever Christianity has established itself as the state religion, in addition to the murder of millions of so-called heretics, is it also guilty of attempted deicide by the repression of Old Gods worldwide?

[As an inset here, perhaps we should look at Christianity's bad example, analysing what it is:-  a religion which has.................

1. A Father God who looked after the Jews and spoke to Moses in Hebrew.
2. His Son who was Jewish but spoke Aramaic.
3. Its foundation is in Rome.
4. A Mass in Latin AND
5. Listened to by ordinary folk speaking for example: English, French, German, Norse,
    Swedish, some African languages or perhaps Chinese.    What a mess!!!]

9.  On the British scene, are immigrant Jews & Hindus, plus the followers of religions
which followed the inception of Christianity (Muslims & Buddhists) and their converts assiting in further necrosis of the Elder Deities of Britain by the perpetuation of their spiritual input to the British group mind - an input which comes from the importation of religious systems alien to the these islands?

Perhaps Hindus (with their Indo-European mind set) may be considered the lesser offenders in this instance as they at least hold fast to pantheons of bipolarity (i.e. pantheons of both male and female Deities) within their system of worship. 

And unlike the Jew who retains a racial identity or the Muslim who deliberately stands apart, living in Islamic enclaves and wearing Muslim dress to advertise his separateness, the Hindu integrates fully as a member of western society and is usually of the local professional classes with children at the local university striving for good degrees.   Oh yes, the only difference is that when the Christian goes to church on Sunday, the Hindu attends his temple.

Exaggeration?  Indeed NO!  I have been friends of many Hindus and have been invited to speak at their local temple.  On another occasion I conducted a fund-rasing recital for a devastated Indian village with a large Anglican choir, Hindu singers and musicians all within a Christian church.   And the bishop who introduced the evening welcomed the audience in English then in fluent Hindi!  On many a night I enjoyed a programme of Indian classical dance at the local university hall in an audience of British, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs and Jews.

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