Composition of a Ceremony



• Aims: celebration of Gwedy Haf
• General objectives: establishing cohesion of Y Gwerin
• Specific objectives: presentation of newborn  & adoptees


(Use of concept maps strongly recommended.)

STAGE ONE   Knowledge & Comprehension    (Cognitive Domain)

No invitations
Statement on mortality
Nature references
Prayer to Gwynn ruler of Winter
All gates open and all bridges down
Kaer Pedryfan
Call to Y Plant

STAGE TWO  Application & Analysis    (Affective Domain)

(The symbolism one intends building into the festival & inclusion of Welsh texts))

Preamble: Summer's End.

Statement on mortality:-

Circle of Abred and that physical death = life continuing on another plane of existence.
Nature references - Prayer to The Earth Goddess recalling Her returning, fertilization, motherhood and departure for Winter.

Call for a blessing on all the Children of Dôn.

Prayer to Gwynn to make winter's reign trouble-free, Lord's white hounds & tides of birth
and death.  Petition to Gwynn to guide all the unseen to The Great Assembly.

All gates open and all bridges down - calling the unseen with the Horn.
Lighting of the beacon in Cetel.
Kaer Pedryfan is visualised and its turning stopped that time may cease.
Kaer Colur's connection.
Rhiannon's heralds.

Invitation of all Y Plant - those who were/will be.
Invitation of The First Mother and Father - Diod Offrwm (libation).
Invitation of The Great Princesses & Princes of The Warband and The High Kindred -
Diod Offrwm.


ASSEMBLY OF TONGUES the business of The House is discussed.

Newborn and those adopted during the year are presented to The First Mother & Father and
to all assembled.


Prayer that we shall return to waiting kindred in each life.
Thanking of all the unseen bidding them remain or depart as they will.
Kaer Pedryfan is visualised and its motion restarted.
Bridges raised and gates closed for another year.
Epilogue looking to the new year.


STAGE THREE  Analysis (Affective Domain)

Decision on the personnel involved and which member should control each part of the festival working.  This should maximise the participation of all the people.  Kynran, Kynranes,
Marchogion, Boneddigau, 4 Porthawrion.

Psychomotor domain – kinaesthetic elements e.g. individual/group movement,
Role play, vocal timbre relating to invocation, group instruction/commands,
devotional effect v. dramatic effect.

Depending upon the above, the text should be commensurate with the rôles, sexes and possible ages etc.

Meditation on the balance between meter and prose - i.e. how best to swing the emotional tides of all via the text.

Analysis of possible movement necessary to heighten the meaning of the various stages of the festival.   The position of all at each stage of the festival to create a constant balance.


STAGE FOUR  Synthesis

The writing of the text.

This I believe comes only with the inspiration of The Lady and in HER time and manner - not as and when WE wish it.

There can be periods of frustration during this.  There can also appear further inflow of ideas and often complete reversal of such things as prose/meter intentions.

In the end, however, the glow which one experiences when all is complete is memorable.   Another gift has been given to us by Divinity to be used in the service of The High Ones.


STAGE FIVE  Evaluation

Constant update to improve (at least annually)

Vide Gwedy Haf - the Great Assembly of the year.

copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 1978
All rights reserved