A Final Assertion

(which has often been the basis
of advice given to many a seeker.)

You will have found the academic side of Y Plant Dôn in the Taxonomy which links the various Deities or Reservoirs of Force with the human organism. It is pure Metaphysics but I know you will have understood most of what is discussed. There is very little in print about these Personages/Old Gods before the Arthurian cycle in Britain. I have already given our legend, which comes from The Red Book of Hergest, in English and in the original Medieval Welsh.

An ethnic 'pagan' path means the path you tread to serve the Gods and Goddesses that live through the LAND on which you live – Deities that came into being through the hearts and minds of the original, or should I say, aboriginal dwellers.  And ethnic 'pagans' not only worked the land but worked with the land in many ways other than agriculturally - it was a sacred focus.   Here is what I said in the Portal of The Keltic Gods:-

"The global location of a country with its climatic conditions, coupled with the territorial constraints of the country with its topography, permit a species of human to evolve with his own unique physical structure.  The climatic hazards peculiar to a location linked with the environmental hazards of the country's terrain, together with the race needs of food, water, body covering and shelter dictated by both 'hazard' factors produce a survival pattern in the race. The effects of this essential survival pattern direct and redirect instinctual activity which mould the emotional temperament from which is born a unique mentality.   And it is this mentality which manifests spiritual predilections, generating philosophical patterns from which arise religious concepts that issue forth into overt religious practice."   Each country to its own.

And these concepts and practices are passed down the generations in the form of myths and legends. Going by the words in bold blue above, you can view them as stepping stones which lead us from the Brythonic Earth to the Kelts of the present century - provided that today's Kelts awaken and help keep the Old Deities functional and vibrant.  I rather think that is my duty and that of folk like me - to lead the people back to their Earthly and spiritual roots!  Indeed it is the duty of the residents of every country to lead the inhabitants back to their earthly and spiritual roots.

And in all races accepting their spiritual duty to venerate the Deities of their own lands and in the observable performance of this collective mentality (again each to his own), we have a rich tapestry of colours that is planet Earth.  While rejecting the possibility that humanity is the only intelligent life-form in the universe, we have a rich tapestry of individual planets within individual star systems.  And as we proceed up the pyramid we find individual units at a galactic stratum, forming an arras of vibrant living colours - the Cosmos.  (Metaphysical Law of Pyramidic construction)

But please remember this, my answer to a question in the FAQ page:-

Q15. This out of curiosity - if you were to emigrate, would you continue this form of Keltic worship?

"This form of worship and the intrinsic Keltic Deities are valid for the Keltic group mind, collective unconscious, group soul (call it what you will) within this island, nowhere else.

Should I relocate to another country, I should attempt to honour the Elder Deities of the chosen land with help from the indigenous people who are devotees of such Deities, provided they were willing to assist me in making my home within their midst spiritually as well as physically.  To do otherwise and try to import a Keltic system into  a foreign land would just be acting out a personal hobby - play-acting, if you wish, and dishonouring a land in which I had chosen to live and make my Alma Mater.  (A veritable down-to-earth approach reveals the following incongruity:- Why pretend to be an ancient British Druid somewhere in the USA, trying to organise a 'grove', purchasing a sickle with which to cut mistletoe from the oak trees, when you are surrounded by poplars, firs or giant redwoods with not one oak in sight!?)

Back to your question, however.  As an example, should I relocate to India, I would become a Hindu and be absorbed into that branch of parochial spirituality. Should my new home be Scandinavian or German, then the Teutonic pantheon would be my inner-plane guide.

If Canada, I would humbly ask guidance and advice at the feet of a genuine member of the ethnic First Nation - provided he could forgive the Europeans of old for the pillage and theft of his country! The same would apply in USA, Australia or New Zealand. And here I reinforce the terms 'guidance' and 'advice', as I do not expect those races to hand over details of their spiritual heritage to foreigners.  Let us be prepared to leave the secret spiritual treasures of these countries where they belong - in the hearts and minds of the indigenous elders who are the rightful custodians of these riches.  We may but live respectfully beneath their shadow.

The Classical pantheons would be my mentor in Italy or Greece and the Kalevala in Finland. I think that makes my position as clear as the "roebuck in the thicket."

Here I maintain that each person, in return for the living received from the land on which (s)he dwells, should give in return - homage, thanksgiving and due honour by giving total dedication of her/his inner self to the Deities of that land - in this there can be no fractional measures!   Becoming absorbed into the group soul of a particular region and the mind-set of its people is only part of the exercise.  What we have not yet considered is the sonic vibrations involved in interaction one with another or indeed a person with a parochial Deity - yes, different languages and the power of each language itself.

• Each race develops its own language and language has intrinsic vibrations in vowels, with  interruptives in the nature of consonants framing and modifying these vibrations in a multitude of ways.  Thus words can have immediate effect on an individual as well as medium/long-term effects - and so communication is born.

• Words, then, can be vehicles for emotions (underpinned by instincts) as well as basic needs at personal, family, group, national level.  Words and phrases, therefore, are applied by use to variants in interpersonal relations, e.g.:-

husband-wife, father-child, mother-child, brother-sister, uncle-child, aunt-child, grandparent-child.

Group level communication involves neighbour-neighbour, teacher-student, doctor-patient, employer-employee, shop keeper-customer & local council-local inhabitant.

National level includes vital communications within the 'executive' (government members) and local councils/groups.  So the pyramid grows.

• What has not yet been realised is the connection between emotions and the arts – visual art (natural or composed), written word (poetry), sonation (use of the human voice or musical instrumentation). Remembering that emotions are the food that lifts the soul which in turn links with spirit, we see how the arts can generate the ‘feel good’ syndrome or spiritual uplift.

From this idea springs Nationalism in music, reflecting the soul of the people in verses, melodies and rhythms.  Now we are getting to the point where inner feelings link up via the instinct religare, Latin for ‘to join again’ with what we really are - part of Cosmic Divinity.  So we have understandable communication in religion with invocations, prayers, emotional offerings and supplications to local Deities.

And all this is from each particular place on our terrestrial globe.  So religion will be essentially natural and the outcome of all the above.  (That is, until some hustler, i.e. prophet, comes and suckers the masses!  Then we get an unnatural religion.)   So what is unnatural about contemporary patriarchal religions - those such as Roman Catholicism?

Here we have a Middle Eastern religion where a god is worshipped who gave the decalogue (10 commandments) to his people and spoke to the prophets in Hebrew.  Then was invented the myth of his son who was Jewish but spoke a Galilean dialect of Aramaic.  This modern offshoot of Judaism had its power-base firmly embedded and developed in Italy with scriptures and Mass in Latin (the Vulgate).  Now perhaps we could consider the paradox of e.g. a Norwegian congregation trying to get into this hot and dry Middle Eastern mind-set while listening to a Mass in Latin which the rank and file cannot understand because their national language is Norse.  (This in the days before the Mass was in the vernacular.)   Can we ask whether or not there is any satisfactory empathy twixt Deity and worshipper in such a scenario?

So, as you have possibly wondered, there must be an ancient and naturally evolved religious system where you live that has local Gods and Goddesses. Here, is but one possibility where you will find a list of e.g. Tagalog Deities - on the internet:-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deities_of_Philippine_mythology.

Try, therefore, to find the old legends/myths/stories about the ancient Deities of your environs - some of which must be remembered, even in fragmented form, by elder ethnic folk of your community, if not in written form.

It is usually forgotten by many who attempt to port spurious age-old religions of their forefathers to the foreign land of their birth (especially when their forebears were possibly French Roman Catholics, Scottish Presbyterians or indeed atheists and had never embraced 'paganism'), that their birth in what is to them a "strange land" may not be accidental but a deliberate act of Fate or Karma, intended that a new learning situation be lived out which is a necessary element in enriching a perhaps flawed or under-developed Life Spirit in their occult anatomy.  Please give this statement some considerable thought, aided by the final cascading sequence in my Taxonomy.

As I imply, the natural environment, with all the caring necessary, comes from your Alma Mater or Earth Mother wherein you were born.  This is as natural as providing a mother's breast milk to her infant rather than supply the contaminant of cow's milk which is only suitable for a calf until it is weaned.  Then all the nutrients and antibodies are transmitted to the child at the correct temperature.

Although our global habitat encourages such natural conditions, it appears to be eschewed in modern times when the unelected despots in Brussels are hell-bent on manipulating social science in our Neo-State by encouraging free movement of races throughout this pseudo-environment.   And as one watches the average television commercial, it can be seen as no coincidence how couples are made up of a white man and a coloured woman or vice versa, encouraging what?  Encouraging the minds of average citizens to see that white, black or coloured sections of society should not be tolerated and that all must realise that the optimum is a coffee-coloured society, thus destroying all national boundaries, ethnic roots, ideals/ethics and identities.  Who knows?  In the far future we may see a completely secular Europe with an approach to religion which matches that of the old USSR!

The norm in today's financial world appears to be what I conveniently name "Fiscal Fuckery" as the average family can no longer be tolerated to enjoy a reasonably comfortable life-style but be manipulated to cause 'what-they-have' to be progressively reduced until all are at a mediocre level of subsistence while the rich are allowed to find an obscene increase in wealth and status.  The planned end product is a society of 98% vassals and a 2% politico-financial ruling class which will maintain this travesty of social science - the open gates to a One World Government with a global dystopian society in actuality.

Readers in the U.S.A. may analyse their own situation employing the Law of Analogy.

If Democracy is not already dead, it is at least moribund!

I wish everyone success in her/his personal quest and perhaps my last piece will reinforce my promptings – Page H01 ‘Admonition’.

Addendum - True Democracy (UK style)

To continue democracy to its logical conclusion, the elected members of Parliament should choose the cabinet which in turn would elect the Prime Minister.  Unfortunately a dictatorship is already in place with a predetermined cabinet of the dictator's cronies who keep the "chosen of the people" IN LINE via the party whips.


a) if the Prime Minister were answerable to and removable when necessary by the Cabinet &

b) Cabinet Members were answerable to and removable when necessary by Members of Parliament &

c) each Member of Parliament were answerable to and removable when necessary by a local Constituency (with a majority of the voters assenting),

d) then TRUE democracy would reign.

And if each Member of Parliament and Cabinet Member were compelled to purchase indemnity insurance against national losses due to bad policy decisions, you would see far less "Black Mondays!"

copyright © Gareth Pengwerin 2013