"In Tune with The Land"

[wherever you may live]

This noble land and realm
With rich and fertile soil,
Where thou hast framed thy domicile
And formed a life secure of genial mien, 
Cries out a futile transitory plea 
To dwellers harsh and heedless.

Could’st thou but choose to hear
The vibrant voice of Lady Earth,
(Mother of denizens diverse -
Of wildest blooms, of hedge and herb
And giant tree-thronged groves
That bend and sway in homage meek
To squall and breeze alike,
Filled with scamp'ring feet
And soaring feathered wing -
A paean of vibrant life unique,)
Her petition would'st thou understand:-

“Wherever saw thy natal day;
Whatsoever be thy forebears’ heritage,
Thy feet now tread Mine agèd form
In both thy pastime and thy toil.

My breast thy tranquil couch 
When draweth nigh the late-night gloom
And at thy table feastest thou and thine
Upon the harvest from My hand.

But yet thou call’st Me not
Nor heed My vibrant Spirit Royal.

To aeons of time have I been witness,
Together with Mine ancient Lineage
Whose Names were freely given
By ethnic race of noble soul and mind.

Few now utter forth the word
That brings Me to thy cognizance
Or, if they dare attempt to invoke 
My Blessed Heart and Hallowed Self,
'Tis made in foreign tongue
With alien name to Mine acute dishonour.

Meditate upon Mine archaic Kin
Both of Spirit and of humankind,
Heeding the mythic markers of our Tribe and Clan
That were and are and must again be wrought
To gain My Blessing swift  in all thy years.” 

Without these gifts
from thy Mother's hand
thou would'st surely die
copyright © Gareth Pengwerin November 2012