Keltic Religious Mysteries of Y Plant D˘n -

a Major Pantheon in Kymraec (Welsh) mythology.

With over three hundred pages on site,
sit down with a horn of mead,
stay awhile and explore.

(To the memory of Gwenfran of
Y Plant Bran - the late Ruth Wynn Owen)

pagan religion,  celtic religion,  taxonomy of deities,  mabinogion, patriarchy, matriarchy, Middle Welsh, Y Plant Don,
Welsh Mysteries, magic, psychic attack and defense, traditional witchcraft, hereditary witchcraft, Red Book Hergest
Black Book Caermarthen, Math, Gwydyon, Penarddun, Aranrot, Arianrhod, Llyr, Dylan, Lleu Llaw Gyffes.
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